Promise Game Delivers Classic Pop Punk on “Connecticut” Out Now!



New Hampshire’s Promise Game have released their emotive new single “Connecticut” today, reflecting on the struggles a touring band faces on the road.

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“Connecticut”, the 13th track recorded by Promise Game since forming in 2020, depicting the band’s first-hand experience while on tour in May 2022. Day two of a three-day weekender with Driveways, Goalkeeper and Cheer Up Dusty had the band driving from Clementon, NJ after a sold-out night one. Cruising North with a ton of momentum, then the van hit Connecticut. What should have been a four-hour drive quickly turned into an ETA twice as long. That alone could ruin any trip to the next tour stop, but it’s much worse when you’re the venue’s point person and you have no idea if you’ll even make it the show based on the crazy traffic you’re sitting in – with no end in sight.


To make everything worse, phone rings and we are told the VRBO we booked for 10+ people was never actually available – we had nowhere to stay, and it just happened to be Yale’s graduation day. Only option was an expensive hotel room that we knew wasn’t really going to work out. At this point, the day is a total disaster.

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However, once the van doors flung open at The Beeracks on Bradley St. in East Haven, we heard our buds Driveways running soundcheck and we were greeted with nothing but huge hugs and smiles from people who were ready to help flip the script and start the good vibes. That night turned out to be one of the best shows Promise Game has ever played, a night that’ll never be forgotten and will forever live on through our current live set fan favorite “Connecticut”.




“Big sing-along choruses, undeniable bounce, and with new material on the horizon, Promise Game will be taking big leaps for the world of pop punk in 2022.”

~ Discovered Magazine


“Promise Game is a beautiful blend of what made the scene what it is today. Hitting all areas from emo like Brand New to pop punk like New Found Glory, Promise Game will have a really easy time grabbing the ears of everyone in the scene in one way or another.”

~ Ghost Killer Entertainment


“It’s a truly transcendent experience that will give elder emo’s a new yet familiar experience that they crave. Promise Game is the sound of the post-Warped Tour world.”

~ CTRL+Space

Promise Game – “Connecticut”


Hometown: New Hampshire, USA

Release Date: November 30th, 2022

Genre: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock

FFO: Jimmy Eat World, The Wonder Years



The best things in life occur unexpectedly. In early 2020, a group of friends decided to reclaim their love of music. In a typical New Hampshire basement, five musicians came together after taking a break from the music scene. What began as a weekly jam session of pop covers eventually turned into the lively pop/punk quintet known today as Promise Game. After feeling a spark of creativity, the group released their debut EP It Won’t Be Long Now… The cohesive collective of songs showcases the band’s large range of influences. From Say Anything to New Found Glory, each track offers a fresh new take on an emo sub-genre. Their cover of Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy” stands out as well, providing fans with a look on how the band began.


In May 2022, Promise Game released their latest EP Horizon, giving listeners a strong and nostalgic sound reminiscent of the early-2000s. Combining the harmonies of The Rocket Summer with the bright melodies of Motion City Soundtrack, Promise Game finds its own unique sound in a post-Warped Tour world. Looking at the band’s success since their start, it sounds like fans and outlets agree. The band was named CTRL +’s “Band of the Year” in 2021, as well as selected to appear in Discovered Magazine’s “Undiscovered Class of 2022.” So, what’s next? Promise Game is taking life as it comes, because spontaneity is when the magic happens and everything puts itself into place.




Colin VanDenBerge – Vocals

Adam Elverson – Guitar/Vocals

Michael Cochran – Guitar

Matt Eisenstadter – Bass

Mark Elverson – Drums



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