Progressive metalcore stalwarts LEVELS mix technical polish with brutal breakdowns on their new single & video “Encapsulate” 

Since their formation nearly half a decade ago, Arkansas based Levels have endeavored to mix elements of technical metal and djent with metalcore and hardcore to create their own brand of heavy music. With “Encapsulate”, their follow up to 2019’s “Fade”, the band has found a new and more focused sound that sets them apart from their peers in the younger heavy music scene. Reminiscent of Veil of MayaArchitects, and Volumes mixed with shades of classic hardcore, “Encapsulate” is a fresh look at the synthesis of djent and -core that succeeds as both a mosh anthem and a catchy a*s song.

Guest vocalist Josh Stewart channels anguish and anger with his clean vocals, complimenting the heavier elements of the track tastefully rather than as a throwaway feature. Producer Jeff Dunne (Motionless In White, Emmure, Fit For A King) brings out the best from each member of the band, with a highly refined but nonetheless intimate production style that captures each individual performance beautifully while making the entire song sound cohesive and absolutely huge.

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 “ ‘Encapsulate’ is about a struggle with anxiety. It explains the thought process one might go through when they try their hardest to be the best they can be, but question if that is good enough. It questions whether or not we are just wasting our efforts…like it’s all for nothing…if in the end we are always going to be exactly who we were meant to be”  

The video, produced and edited by the bands drummer Dalton Kennerly, channels the groups volatile live energy in a beautifully captured black & white performance.

“Encapsulate” Official Video

Levels will be back on the road this March, setting out for 17 dates across the USA and Canada with Canadian sci-fi inspired progressive metalcore kings Living Machines. A new EP is scheduled for release later this year.

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