Progressive Metal / Djent Instrumental Band Halogram Talk With Rock ‘N’ Load

About The Band:

For any of our readers who are unfamiliar with yourselves tell us a little bit about your band.

We are HALOGRAM, a progressive metal/djent instrumental band, formed by Daniel Mourinho (bass) and Javier Iglesias (guitar) that had its origins in 2017.

What was your earliest memory of music that piqued your interest?

I think, watching the concert of guitar legends of the Seville Expo in 1992, was my first memory of being interested in music.

Who was the first album/single you purchased?

Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells

When did you first pick up your respective instrument?

I started playing at age 12 or 13, when a friend of mine brought his Spanish guitar to my house and showed me how to play a few chords.

What route did you take with your instrument/lessons/music school / self-taught and any fond memories of that journey?

I started going to a music academy for a few months but from the beginning, I felt that the lessons were very slow, so I’ve decided to take private lessons from a local guitarist. Unfortunately, I felt that he didn’t really want to teach or had some lacking in teaching skills but I learned a lot watching his way of playing, more than what he really taught me in his lessons. After that and until today I learned how to play songs of my favorite bands on my own and also I learn a lot from Youtube videos.

Who were your heroes as a young musician that inspired and pushed you to want to be a musician too?

AC / DC is was the band that awoke my interest in playing and after that there were 2 bands that really told me the direction to go in music, each in their respective moment of my life. They were Metallica and Dream Theater.

Is there one particular album or song that gave you a eureka moment from your youth that made you want to be a musician?

There is no particular song or album. There were so many albums/songs that made me feel in a special way.

What was the best gig you’ve ever attended?

Rage Against The Machine in Getafe (Madrid).

Do you have any musical guilty pleasures?

Ace of Base All that She Wants

About Now:

So any new music in the works currently or just released?

We have just released our latest single “Obsolete Future” and we are already working on new material that we are planning to release, if possible, later this year.

Where and when did you record it?

We recorded in our personal home studios in Spain and the UK, and for the mixing and mastering process, we hired some top producers. For our previous singles “The Falling Man†and “Symphony of Regret†we had Ermin Hamidovic from Systematic Productions (Periphery, Devin Townsend Project, Animals As Leaders, Plini, Intervals, Architects, Meshuggah) and for this new single we contacted Buster Odeholm from Impact Studios (Born Of Osiris, Vildhjarta…)

How does the songwriting process generally work for you?

The writing always starts from a small idea, and then we develop it sharing ideas between us until we find a meaning and keep writing until we finalize the song..

What route have you taken to build up and establish a fan base locally & beyond your local area?

We now take the modern way to build our fanbase. We just simply upload our music in Spotify, Youtube and share it in our social media platforms

What is the music scene like locally to you and where do you fit in?

Im from Galicia(Spain)and here there is a huge music scene but there are not many bands doing the same music style so its not easy to fit in the music events of our area.

Do you feel there are enough venues around you to help promote and establish up and coming bands like yourself?

Unfortunately, there are not. I mean; there are loads of venues and festivals, but most of them are targeting another kind of music (traditional and commercial).As I’ve mentioned before, where I live it is difficult to fit with our style of music, especially because we are Instrumental. We know some local Metal bands, very talented, with great singers and musicians and even them, are struggling to stand out or make themselves known in the local music scene. We think that doing instrumental music, we are even in a more difficult situation.

What would you like to see ideally to help hard-working bands/artists get better exposure and opportunities to make a living from their craft?

Maybe get more local festivals, radio/tv stations supported by the government that gives the opportunity to apply to be featured. At the moment most of the financed festivals, radios… are for known bands. Also every year the government releases new laws that make things really difficult to venues to be able to have live music. It really sucks!

What is the best piece of advice you have received on your journey thus far?

Somebody told me: think well the person you want to be now because that’s the person you will be the rest of your life.

What would you say has been the biggest lesson you have learned on your journey to date?

The biggest lesson I got during the years is sometimes it is better to lose than to win. You learn and get more experience from your mistakes.


With the music industry always constantly changing – how have you had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape?

You have no choice to follow the way that the industry is taking and also investigate what other bands are doing to get new ways of monetizing your work and grow your fanbase.


Does the introduction of New Technology / Digital Age / Social Media etc enhance your life as a musician or do you feel it can be more of a hindrance?

I completely agree that the new digital age is good for us because the exposure you can achieve if you do it right, years ago, it would be impossible. It is also true that today there is too much of everything. Every day new Bands and artists come out and the competition grows every day! So I think the new technology is also a b%$ch!: a double-edged sword.

The Future:

So moving forward whats next for you?

To continue writing new songs, try to increase our exposure as possible and to grow our fanbase.

How do you see the evolution of the band / yourself as an artist?

Well, in every new single, we are establishing/developing our style a bit more, in the upcoming singles we hope to keep evolving and adding new stuff so we can always offer something new to our listeners.


Do you have any short-term or long-term goals in mind?

Yes, hopefully once we get a couple of more songs, we would like to release a physical CD/Vinyl. And for the long term, look into the live shows.

If you could tour with any band or artists who would that be?

We would love to tour with any of the following bands: Periphery, Plini, Intervals, Polyphia or Animals as leaders

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