Profane Desecration // Abysmal Stillness // Album Review


When it comes to death metal I like to think I pretty much have my finger on the pulse when it comes to new bands or new releases.

I’m sad to say Profane Desecration slipped by me in 2020 with their self-released demo / live rehearsals.

But I’m so happy I was given this album to review, as by god it’s a stonker of a release.

Profane Desecration is quite a low-key secretive band.

I couldn’t find any real back story behind them. Only that the demo was their first release & the line comprises K (Guitars), B (Bass & Vocals) & M (Drums).

But when i saw this album was getting released on Godz ov War Productions a great label based in Poland, Where I had previously reviewed their release of Chainsword’s – Blightmarch (A fantastic release if you haven’t checked it out) I got very excited as I know the labels calibre of releases is top-notch.

So what do we get with “Abysmal Stillness”?

Well, we get a very solid, aggressive but also progressive brutal death metal album. Now usually I would cite a load of bands through the review who I feel the band I’m reviewing reminds me of.

But Profane Desecration honestly has their only thing going on within their sound.

At parts throughout the album, I hear sections that remind me of Nile, Deicide & Mayhem. But still, these are only slight passages & the closet band I feel I could tell a friend or colleague what Profane Desecration sounds like.

I feel for the first time in a while Profane Desecration is the first band to surprise me with a very fresh new sound, that is all of them & that makes this album so refreshing.

The opener “Dead Planet” opens with a surprising sample from the cult film Cyborg. “I like the death! I like the misery! I like this world!” which gives you an insight to the pure torture & brutality that is about to be unleashed onto your ears.

This track from the opening note is just full of piss & vinegar. Raw to the bone.

Even as a three-piece the dynamic between all three members work so well. Full of blasting drums, chainsaw guitar tone, a nice punchy bass sound & furious vocals by B.

The following track “Leave No Trace” is better.

Mixing early Incantation & Immolation this track is nonstop.

Breakneck speed drumming & guitar work make this song frantic & chaotic but in the best way possible. B’s vocal delivery on this track is also a stand-out. The chorus for the track too also stands out & is very catchy.

Later on the album track, five “Forest Graves” flips the script and shows the band can turn it up even more in brutality by writing a track that has some of the most interesting technical guitar riffing I’ve heard recently.

At 1000bpm the riff just explodes into a barrage of noise that drives the track forward, but each passage it slightly changes in intensity which makes that album so raw & organic.

Profane Desecration has been able to create something very special here. Not only for a debut release is this an impressive feat but all around this is an album not to be slept on. Thirty-two minutes of refreshing but also unnerving brutal death metal that will surprise new listeners & veterans to the death metal ethos.

Joseph Mitchell

Abysmal Stillness is out via Godz ov War Productions on September 24th, 2021


01. Dead Planet

02. Leave No Trace

03. The Reaper Is Waiting

04. At Midnight

05. Forest Graves

06. Abysmal

07. Stillness

08. The Drowning Temple

Profane Desecration // Abysmal Stillness // Album Review
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