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Australian metalcore outfit Pridelands release their debut album “Light Bends” on the 14th of January and simply put, it is amazing.

The atmospheric opening track “I Reach Into Your Heart” slowly builds with an electro beat and Cory’s soft vocals that builds to a crescendo of drums and heavy riffs as Bunt takes over with the harsh screamed vocals, a thick bass line helps run it to a close, a slow burner for an opener but it is brilliant. “The Walls” is the exact opposite opening with a cool drum beat and chugging riffs, Cory eases you in nicely with some great vocals, as the chorus hits both singers share vocals after which Bunt takes over and kicks the intensity up a notch with some savage vocals while the drums drive the track forward with both singers trading off as the track close, an amazing song. “Parallel Lines” is where the band really hits their stride, encompassing everything that is great about metalcore inside four minutes, crashing drums, screaming and soft vocals and a seriously heavy bass the rumbles throughout the track giving it a nice kick, Cory’s vocals are unbelievable and are a great foil for Bunt’s harsher side and the heaviness of the music itself, killer tune.

“Parted Time” has a more upbeat tempo and feels airier if that makes any sense considering how Bunt kills it with his screaming this is nicely tempered by Cory and his near angelic voice, the guitars are off the chain with heavy cutting riffs that resonate big time, a monster track possibly the best on the album. “The Lake Of Twisted Limbs” opens slowly before a crushing drum and thumping bass beat kick in with Bunt screaming under Cory’s soft singing, a nice melodic keyboard resonates throughout but after the breakdown, it is completely obliterated by Bunt and the bands killer sound, an outstanding track. “Safer Here” is a synth-heavy mellow tune with a haunting eerie feel, the song builds up powerfully after the midpoint where heavy drums and guitars take to the fore with Bunt tearing it up before it all calms down again as the track finishes. “Heavy Tongues” resumes the sonic assault with a fast-paced kicking track, the drums and crunching riffs slay big time with a rumbling bass that is the backbone of the track, possibly my favourite song on the album for its sheer power and intensity. On “Antipathy” Bunt goes over the top with a savage vocal performance that is quite stunning as he rips through the track like a man possessed, a kicking drum and bass are the order of the day on a brutal, in a good way, track. “Translucent Blues” ebbs and flows with Cory softly luring you on before Bunt blasts you full force in the face, the music mirrors the vocals as it goes from an easy upbeat tempo to broody and intense like the flick of the switch, classic. “Evergrowth” is a slow morose affair that unfortunately kind of drags. “The Sun Will Find Us” finishes off the album in true metalcore style; going back and forth between the two contrasting vocal styles to a backdrop of banging drums, killer riff and thundering bass, a monster finish to a brilliant album.

These guys have found the perfect combination that makes this album such a cool and easy listen.




Light Bends is out now via Sharptone Records.


Light Bends Tracklist

1. I Reach Into Your Heart 3:21 2. The Walls 4:14
3. Parallel Lines 4:26
4. Parted Time 4:24

5. The Lake of Twisted Limbs 4:06 6. Safer Here 4:44
7. Heavy Tongue 3:37
8. Antipathy 4:12

9. Translucent Blues 4:25
10. Evergrowth 3:48
11. The Sun Will Find Us 5:12

Pridelands are:



Joshua Cory             Vocals

Mason Bunt             Vocals

Liam Fowler             Guitars

Daniel Lohery          Bass

Joe Lipsham             Drums

Pridelands // Light Bends // Album Review
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