Pride and Glory // Pride and Glory // Album Review
Pride and Glory // Pride and Glory // Album Review10
Pride and Glory // Pride and Glory // Album Review10
Pride and Glory // Pride and Glory // Album Review10
Pride and Glory // Pride and Glory // Album Review10
Pride and Glory // Pride and Glory // Album Review10
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Sandwiched between joining Ozzy Osbourne’s band,aged 19 as lead guitarist and co-writer for nearly 20 years and releasing his first solo album Book of Shadows in 1996, Zakk Wylde released the incredible album Pride and Glory under the banner of the same name, an album that is widely regarded as some of his finest work and now it has been re-released with some additional bonus tracks. However, before we get to the new additions, it is only fair and right to remind ourselves of what an incredible album this is before the add-ons.

Opening with those guitars stick and the familiar sound known to many a Zakk Wylde or Black Label Society fan (the track opens the BLS live album Unblackened) is the incredible ’Losin’ Your Mind’ that displays the guitar work and the vocals that the main man can perform in full glory.

Swiftly followed by ‘Horse Called War’ that can rival any hard rock track on any album, the brilliant tracks just keep flowing, full of mind-blowing riffs, incredible face-melting solos, a nice Southern feel and a rough diamond of a voice, that now has sung some incredible lyrics.

Let’s also not forget the huge talent Mr. Wylde is being the piano, just play ‘Sweet Jesus’ and you will find one a beautiful track that is full of soul and emotion, get the tissues ready.

Tracks such as ‘Machine Gun Man’ get the steels string treatment before ‘Cry Me A River’ brings the acoustic out. This album is overflowing with brilliance.

Then we have the bonus tracks, with an acoustic version of ‘Machine Gun Man’ that opens with a crazy acoustic solo, swiftly followed by an alternative version of ‘Mother Mary’. Then we head back to the Ozzy Osbourne link (later performed as Zakk Sabbath) is ‘The Wizard’ which includes the famous opening harmonica before it is given the Pride and Glory treatment.

Following this, we have ‘Torn and Tattered’ again acoustic and harmonica based before we head straight into ‘In My Time of Dyin’ by Led Zepplin, ‘The Hammer& Nail’ and then the stupendous cover of ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles.

Pride and Glory was one of the best Heavy Rock albums already, so with a few additions it now is as close to perfect as you can get and whilst Zakk gets most of the recognition for this incredible piece of work, let’s not forget the rest of the band that is needed to allow the great man to do his thing. There really is no surprise that after releasing this classic album, Zakk Wylde continued on his journey both solo and then into Black Label Society to become one of the biggest and best shredders on the planet.

This is a must-have for any fan of Rock music and a true classic.

Ed Ford

Pride and Glory is re-released on October 25th via Entertainment One.


Track List

Losin’ Your Mind

Horse Called War

Shine On

Lovin’ Woman

Harvester Of Pain

The Chosen One

Sweet Jesus

Troubled Wine

Machine Gun Man

Cry Me a River

Toe’n The Line

Found A Friend

Fadin’ Away

Hate Your Guts

Machine Gun Man (acoustic bonus)

Mother Mary (alternate version)

These 5 additional tracks will be included on the DL Cards for a total of 21 tracks

The Wizard” (Black Sabbath cover)

Torn and Tattered

In My Time of Dyin'” (Led Zeppelin cover)

The Hammer & the Nail

Come Together (The Beatles cover)


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