Pretty Vicious - Beauty Of Youth - Album Review
Pretty Vicious - Beauty Of Youth - Album Review 9
Pretty Vicious - Beauty Of Youth - Album Review 9
Pretty Vicious - Beauty Of Youth - Album Review 9
Pretty Vicious - Beauty Of Youth - Album Review 9
Pretty Vicious - Beauty Of Youth - Album Review 9
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Welsh rockers Pretty Vicious drop their debut album Beauty Of Youth and its and absolute banger! Right from the off with the albums opening track ‘These Four Walls’ you are greeted with their gnarly, gritty style with a slamming track that immediately demands your attention. Plucked from obscurity and thrown into the limelight, the Pretty Vicious have something to say.

An album drenched in blood, sweat and tears it arrives as front man Brad Griffiths takes a step back to sort out some personal issues, and the album itself took three years to come to fruition between record company disputes and band infighting, today though it is finally here and the Pretty Vicious have delivered a modern day classic. ‘Move’ is a perfect example, delivered at a frantic pace, this angst-ridden track drags you kicking and screaming across its savage three minutes.

Its not all chaos though as ‘Something Worthwhile’ is a radio friendly track that showcases the more melodic side to the band, understandably you can see why the Pretty Vicious have been making waves up and down the country with a highly addictive brand of Rock, track after track they deliver with tight, hard-hitting and effective tracks that make you want to come back for more. A band on the rise, the Pretty Vicious have something pretty special running through their veins and 2019 could well be a momentous year for them following the release of this killer debut. Twelve mesmerising tracks later remember the name people, the Pretty Vicious are going to be huge!


Beauty Of Youth is released July 12th via Big Machine / John Varvatos Records / Virgin EMI.

Beauty Of Youth Tracklisting:

  1. These Four Walls
  2. Move
  3. Something Worthwhile
  4. Someone Just Like You
  5. No One Understands
  6. Force of Nature
  7. Lost in Lust
  8. What Could’ve Been
  9. Playing with Guns
  10.   I Don’t Wanna Know
  11.   Are You Entertained?
  12.   Little Molly

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