PRETTY – Stream “By the Beach”

The song we are writing to you to share is an old tune that has had new life breathed into it through our development as a band.
By The Beach” was produced by our band, working alongside our engineer, Aaron Goldstein. Recording to tape helped us to strip down the song making process and really let our live sound shine through, one that doesn’t lose touch of the madness which psychedelic music is meant to reflect.

The most rewarding aspect of hearing the song back now is knowing that it was recorded as a full band together in a room, and that the performance was real and immediate.The process we went through to create this new version of “By The Beach” really taught us the value in rehearsing, arranging, and pre-producing our songs. We’ve become dead set on making future tracks and albums in the same way, with rigorous practice and a live approach.We hope that you can hear the refinement of our sound and that you enjoy the live energy this recording captures.Thanks for listening,PrettyFacebookInstagramBandcampApple Music

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