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Pressure is a melodic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. With band leader and guitarist Simon Siirpo Forsell at the helm, vocalist Olof Jönsson and guitarist Emil Salling lead everyday people around the world to overcome and embrace the pressures felt from everyday existence. Their lyrics famously show that there are two sides to every story – the good and the bad. Every song has a double meaning.
The band began with Forsell and Salling creating Swedish metal covers of popular songs like “Chandelier” by Sia and Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. When Jönsson joined the band in 2018, new songs were adjusted for his voice and gave way to the unique Skanian dialect you hear in the original tunes you hear today.
In 2020 the band release their first Swedish singles and are translating each song to English, ready for world domination.

So, for anyone unfamiliar with yourself, tell us a little bit about your backstory and how you ended up here. 

It all started years ago when Simon became Emil’s guitar teacher. They pretty fast found each other and started playing in a cover band together with different constellations and a lot of different gigs.After a few years they got tired of playing covers and started rearranging and rewrite and translate the lyrics of a lot of known and popular rock/pop songs to spice things up.

By this time, they realised that they also wanted a lead singer and they found me Olof.

When I joined the band we first worked with Simons and Emil’s rewritten covers. But pretty fast we did our first own song, and as soon we started walking that path there was no going back. No more covers. It has taken us about 1-1,5 years to find our sound. We play “story metal” and it’s a mix from many different genres. We use the heavy sound from Metal Rock to tell different stories. We are really proud of our sound and will probably keep working and develop our sound as time goes on. We have been playing together for 2 years now.


What’s Happening Now: Tell us about what you are currently up to, Here you can put in a press release to plug your latest offering.

Right now, we will release our new single “What You See” and “Vad Du Ser”. It will be released in both Swedish and English the 19th of February. It is a song about the pressures around you to be something that fits into society. In today’s world there is a lot of preconceptions and prejudices and if you are not as everyone else then people start to talk behind your back or try to put pressure on you to be more like a “normal” person. We, Pressure, believes that there is NO SUCH THING as a “normal” person, there is just suppressed people that want to be set free but cannot because the “normal” and “society” will not let them. Everyone has dreams – dare to live them. Everyone has inner strength – do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Be yourself, show us what and who you are. Stand up, stand tall. What You See Is What You Get!


What is next for you?

We are working on the final steps for releasing our first album. It will be released sometime in late April, beginning of May. After that we will release a German EP that is almost fully recorded. We only have to do the translation for the last two songs, and then we will record the vocals for them. As we work on the two last translations for the German EP, we have also started to record our first drafts for our second album.

And between that we are rehearsing together. Why? because we love it, and when Covid starts getting under control we want to get out there and do great live performances from day one. We are so longing to get out there.

Influences // Inspiration

We are influenced by ordinary everyday people that have a real self-experienced story to tell us. That’s the base of our music, to tell real life stories. When it comes to musicians it is every musician that do music with their soul. It is not one band, person, or genre, it a little mix of many of them. But if I have to give you some examples, this is what you could expect if you listen to our music. A heavy sound with a lot of guitar melody’s and a lot of vocal harmonies.

If you take the Vocals from  Rammstein, Volbeat or Thåström and the backing vocals from Queen or Aerosmtih mix it with the guitars of Bon Jovi, Guns ´n Roses and Mötley Crue and add the drums of DIO or Whitesnake and the lyrics of Skid Row or Bob Dylan and add the bass of Metallica or Korn, and finally add a little bit folk music into that mix then you have our sound.


I don’t have an artist track that inspired me to chase a career in music. I was actually Simon (our lead guitarist that inspired me to chase a career in music. Before I met him, I was really satisfied to play in cover bands as a hobby serious hobby.

The thing to tell stories with the music is an art. A good example is Sabatons Bismarck









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