Press to MECO Release Unrestrained, Guitar Driven Single ‘Gold’

Press to MECO release unrestrained, guitar driven single ‘Gold’

New Album Transmute out August 20th 2021 via Marshall Records.

Press to MECO follow on from single Smouldering Sticks with latest release Gold, a track laden with emphatic guitar riffs that show the bands technical musicianship. The single, taken from the bands third studio album Transmute, is a song that battles the immensity of modern life and our inabilities to switch off and take care of ourselves. The scuzzy track screams for attention and beats down your ears; a heavy stand out on the upcoming album due August 20th.

Talking about the track, Drummer/Lyricist Lewis Williams comments, Gold talks about feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information and input we receive in modern life and the idea that it might be devolving us in some ways. The battle between wanting to switch off from things to help your mental health but also not wanting to be ignorant to what’s going on in the world and not wanting to feel like you aren’t contributing in any positive way.  Gold is also about the feeling of being paralysed and not wanting to create or say anything meaningful when there’s already a million ideas, viewpoints and conflicting opinions… feeling like you’re just adding to the white noise.”

Gold is available to stream here.
Transmute is a turning point for the re-complete trio, it sees the band streamline their earlier math-rock influences and “musical trickery” and deliver a stronger vibe and definitive feeling with every track. The outcome is an album that shows maturity and focuses on their strength in anthemic alt-rock. It’s a dynamic record where the heavy moments are brutal, the quiet aspects are beautiful, and the cinematic flourishes make the whole thing feel epic.
Track list:
Another Day
Smouldering Sticks
A Test Of Our Resolve
Baby Steps
Rusty Nails
Way To Know

Pre Order Transmute here:

Transmute is available to pre-order on CD and Vinyl with limited test pressings also available to pre-order. A short run colour pressing will also be available exclusively through Banquet Records in the UK.

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