Melbourne Deathsters Aetherial have unveiled the first crushing single;     “IAm Your Hell” Taken from their forthcoming second album.
The single is the bands first new release since the debut LP, The Still Waters of Oblivion in 2015.Recorded in its entirety in Melbourne by Aetherial and mixed and mastered byErmin Hamidovic at Systematic Productions (Architects, Periphery).

Musically, the band has taken a darker, more ominous turn which sets the precedent for the forthcoming second full length album. I Am Your Hell also features a guest appearance from Joe Haley of Psycroptic with a spell binding guitar solo.

Bassist Cassandra George on the single:
“We’re excited to get some new music out, it’s been a long time in between riffs! We wanted to emphasise strong song writing and focus on the music, lyrics and visuals and I Am Your Hell simply delivers no bullshit Death Metal.”

“I Am Your Hell is the haunting nightmare; it’s the face in the dark, the voice in your mind tormenting you for your past deeds- always. It’s about the stain immorality leaves on the soul and the consequences that one has to live and die with.”

Watch “I Am Your Hell” here:
I Am Your Hell

Brutally fierce, relentless Death Metal from Melbourne, Australia. Aetherial forge a uniquely dark and devastating sound which combines formidable vocals, confronting lyrics and intense guitar riffs.

Lyrically, Aetherial explores the darkest recesses of the soul; exposing what is lurking behind the false reality of everyday life. A stark look beyond the restraints of social and cultural boundaries examine forces surrounding and influencing the human condition.

The bands debut album, The Still Waters of Oblivion was first independently released in 2015, then re-released in 2017 to excellent reviews. I Am Your Hell will be the first new music released by Aetherial for 3 years.

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