Prescription Happiness is clearly a formation, which strives to formulate and articulate its overall creative and artistic vision in one cohesive, comprehensible product, which has the potential and the capacity to not only impress and attract attention with its music features, but with the overall atmosphere that represents the essence of the band’s specific nature as well. Comprised of intriguing and well-composed instrumental motives and compositional structures throughout its entirety, the band’s most recent record – “Quietly Falling” (including the critically acclaimed self-titled track, as well as the dynamic and dark “You Are Not Welcome” and “Defective By Design” that were launched as singles) – is a release which impresses with its highly noticeable and distinguishable eerie, horror-esque atmosphere, created by the mixture of aggression, emotion, beauty and sincerity that is being continuously showcased through the different aspects of Prescription Happiness’ style. The music created by the group doesn’t aim to comply with conventional genre or industry trends and tendencies, but rather prefers to create its own crossover sound with precision and industrial heaviness blended with alternative structures and melodic landscapes, representing madness and creating a density that greatly surpasses the creative limitations of a huge amount of the alternative artists nowadays, as all of the aforementioned statements are supported by the characteristics of “Quietly Falling”.
Watch the video for “Quietly Falling” by clicking on the image below.

Describing the core of the band’s creative profile, Prescription Happiness collectively discusses: “These songs are mainly inspired by our feelings and thoughts – depression, anger, problems with parents, the sensation to “not fit” in with anything and a will to rebel against everything.”

Prescription Happiness‘ “Quietly Falling” is now available everywhere (as it has already generated positive comments by significant music figures, such as Chris Fronzak (Attila), Tyler Smith and many more as well:



1. “Seek Help Immediately”
2. “You Are Not Welcome”
3. “Defective By Design”
4. “Still Breathing”
5. “Make Way”
6. “Show Me Some Violence”
7. “Quietly Falling”
8. “I’m Sorry I Couldn’t Make it”


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