Pre-orders for the greatly anticipated split release from Black Altar and Kirkebrann are now open! Entitled Deus Inversus, the seven track album featuring guest appearances from Lars Broddesson (Funeral Mist, ex-Marduk), Mauser (ex-Vader) and Alexandros (Macabre Omen) will be released on June 30th by Odium Records and you can pre order the digi pack cd and vinyl versions now.

The vinyl version of Deus Inversus is available as a 12″, deluxe gatefold on 180gm, black vinyl, limited to 250 copies and also as a special Die Hard version on marbled, transparent, orange and black vinyl with patch and sticker, limited to just 50 copies.

The album is adorned with the hellish artwork of Nestor Avalos, creating a wickedly irresistible package. If you are hoping to secure one of the limited edition vinyl copies of Deus Inversus you are advised to get your pre-orders in immediately at the Odium Records webshop

Deus Inversus will be descending upon your inbox soon, bringing with it eternal fire and endless night

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