Powerwolf // Best Of The Blessed // Album Review
Powerwolf // Best Of The Blessed // Album Review 9
Powerwolf // Best Of The Blessed // Album Review 9
Powerwolf // Best Of The Blessed // Album Review 9
Powerwolf // Best Of The Blessed // Album Review 9
Powerwolf // Best Of The Blessed // Album Review 9
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Formed in 2003 Powerwolf is one of the biggest power metal bands in Germany if not the world and they are about to unleash the greatest hits compilation on the world. This normally means one of two things, the band may have lost their way and have nothing new to offer or they need money, this however is not the case as the band are alive and kicking preparing for a new album. “Best Of The Blessed” features sixteen tracks of their best work with newly recorded versions of seven of some of their biggest hits including “We Drink Your Blood”, “Werewolves Of Armenia” and of course the crowd favorite “Resurrection By Erection”, each new recording is given the full treatment to enhance your listening pleasure and it does not go unnoticed as they surpass the originals, harsh as that may sound. There is also an added bonus for ravenous fans in the shape of a fourteen track live album recorded in 2018, featuring some of the tracks off Best and also some that only just missed the cut, and it is not hard to see why they are as big a band as they are, you can feel the atmosphere bleeding through the speakers as the crowd goes absolutely nuts for them and singing along to every song with full force, you’ll get chills listening to it.

For longtime fans, this is a must while waiting on new material, for the uninitiated it is a really good starting point before hitting the back catalog once you have been hooked.


Best Of The Blessed is out 3rd of July



Best Of The Blessed is out 3rd of July

Best Of The Blessed Tracklisting:
1. We Drink Your Blood (New Version 2020)

2. Army of the Night
3. Demons Are a Girl‘s Best Friend
4. Werewolves of Armenia (New Version 2020)
5. Saturday Satan (New Version 2020)
6. Amen & Attack
7. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
8. Resurrection by Erection (New Version 2020)
9. Sanctified with Dynamite (New Version 2020)
10. Kreuzfeuer
11. Armata Strigoi
12. Kiss of the Cobra King (New Version 2019)
13. Killers with the Cross
14. Sacred & Wild
15. In Blood We Trust (New Version 2020)
16. Let There Be Night

CD 2 – The Live Sacrament (Wolfsnächte 2018):

1. Fire & Forgive
2. Incense & Iron
3. Amen & Attack
4. Demons Are a Girls Best Friend
5. Killers With The Cross
6. Armata Strigoi
7. Blessed & Possessed
8. Where The Wild Wolves Have Gone
9. Resurrection by Erection
10. Stossgebet
11. All We Need is Blood
12. We Drink Your Blood
13. Werewolves of Armenia
14. Lupus die

Earbook & LP Box ( The Live Bonus Sacrament ):
1. Sanctified with Dynamite
2. Army Of The Night
3. Coleus Sanctus
4. Let There Be Night


Powerwolf are:

Attila Dorn Vocals

Charles Greywolf Rhythm guitar, Bass

Matthew Greywolf Lead guitar

Falk Maria Shlegel Keyboards

Roel Van Helden Drums







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