Powerlines Share ‘all of this is temporary’ – Release Virtual Album Experience – Debut Album Out Now On All DSPs

Powerlines Share Debut Album Via BTRtoday

Release Accompanying Virtual Album Experience
The Temporary Hallway

all of this is temporary Out Now On All DSPs

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LISTEN & SHARE: Powerlines – “Temporary”

LISTEN & SHARE: Powerlines – “Sober”

“Unbelievably captivating… They’re unafraid to bare it all. And they do it in a way that avoids pigeon-holing them into one genre.” 
– BTR Today

– Look At My Records

“I was blown away”
– Bands Do BK

Today, New Brunswick-NJ-based expressive pop-rock band Powerlines share their debut album, all of this is temporary, via BTRtoday. The indie quartet’s debut album is a collection of sonic vignettes about difficulty, pain, love, and the acceptance of ephemerality, all through an optimistic lens.

In addition to releasing the album, the band has partnered with visual artists Lara Lewison and Jacqueline Brockel to create a virtual album experience, titled “The Temporary Hallway,” in which  “you push through a hallway of connected rooms, discovering pieces of the album through interactive sound clips, digital paintings, animations, and video,” as Lewison describes. On the experience, Brockel states:

Most of our material was around trekking the concrete, rollerblading through the city, and the feeling of passing through artificial lights that capsulize parts of the street as stages for fleeting interactions. The band and I captured many walks from the streets where these songs originate.
The images fracture in colours and vibrations asking how you can be surrounded by so many people and still feel alone. Tinsel turning to water turning to tinsel — purifying and toxic. The work explores cycles of expression and possibilities for healing. I layered animations on top of the footage, in a childish dreamscape — outbursts. The songs feel like outbursts — an expression that is untethered and truly bounces off the concrete.
We miss water we soak in the water we flow through water: everything turns into everything else… all is permeable

all of this is temporary tapestries moments that have shaped us—throws with addictions, intense anxieties, dealing with death and loss, moments of informative impermanence,” frontwoman Deanna DiLandro shares with BTRToday. “We channelled internal storms into this music; we allowed the emotions felt and hardships had to pass through us because we are always finding new ways to love—we’ve webbed the emotions we once felt into poetry, allowing us to let go and move on because we realized  all of this is temporary.”

all of this is temporary is a record that dances through auditory snapshots, revelling in the diversity and dynamism of one. While the first two tracks of the album, “Sober” and “Outside My Mind,” are bright, poppy anthems with penetrating funk basslines, driving drums, and rich, textural guitars, the pace slows down as the slow build of “Frames” contemplates the idealization of the past and decay over time, and “Being Is Strange” strips everything down to just an acoustic guitar. Before the album reaches its final act, “Morris Street” gets everything back to bouncing rock again.

Powerlines explore change and recurrence—the continuous musical shifts in pace and tone represent the moment to moment unknown of what is coming next, and exposes a larger pattern of transience. A collection of stories already experienced and gone, all of this is temporary finds triumph in the love found in trying times, and joy in the constant changes and curveballs that life throws at us.

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all of this is temporary – Tracklisting

01. Sober

02. Outside My Mind

03. Temporary

04. Water

05. Frames

06. Being is Strange

07. Morris Street

08. Jet Plane

09. Sober (Acoustic)

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