• DC-based, Soul/R&B project, Summer Dennis & Rhymes announce their single, “Ghetto Rona,” follow up to their latest album,  Second Summer. Rhymes have acquired media accolades, including appearances on EARMILK, Soulbounce, Celebmix, Great Day Washington, and Blog Talk Radio.  “what this year has revealed to us is that when it comes to the United States, all that glitters isn’t gold. There are many hard truths that we’re confronted with, and Summer Dennis & Rhymes address a few in their latest single “Ghetto Rona.'” (Soulbounce) The pair deliver a soulful indictment of America and flip the concept of “ghetto.”For so long Black and impoverished communities have been referred to ‘the ghetto’ even though we live in a nation that can’t house its taxpayers, can’t feed its children, and imposes police brutality on its citizens,” Summer and Bill state about the song’s underlying theme. “How can a society with so little to offer refer to anyone as ghetto? We all know where the ghetto really is now, and it’s not race-specific. We can see the truth as clearly as ever.” LISTEN TO “GHETTO RONA” 
  • Albuquerque,  New Mexico-based, BYLAND, the cinematic folk/indie-rock project of Alie Renee Byland,  announces the single  “Mine,” from her first studio record,  GRAY, due out on October 2, 2020.  Previously featured on local outlets like  KUPR, Woodinville Weekly,  Mystic Sons,  Albuquerque Journal, among others, BYLAND is ready to go national with GRAY.  Byland states, ““Mine” is about realizing that my energy is finite and that I have permission to say “no”. I grew up idealizing the notion of giving without limit. When I felt drained, I thought there was something wrong with me. Last Summer, I was feeling especially emotionally and relationally exhausted. I wrote this song while I had an overwhelming amount of calls, emails and texts to respond to. I intentionally wanted “Mine”’s rhythm and offset melody to feel abrupt at times, to express the sense of being pulled in polarizing directions.” “Mine” digs deep into emotional wounds and rips off the scabs. It’s a painful listen, but only if you let it in… and let it in, you must. Ebbing and flowing like a tumultuous shore, “Mine” crests and crashes with all the drama of an Ang Lee film, its cinematic piano hitting crescendos pounding broadly on heart. With climactic drum rolls and soaring strings that add texture and breathtaking surges, the song hits high and dives low. Tethered by the anchor of Byland’s almost preternatural voice, the song leaves you exhausted when its final wave crashes and slips away.” (American Songwriter)  LISTEN TO “MINE” 
  • LA-based, Rock artist, The Waking Point is proud to release their new single, Bad Girl. The new track follows the artist’s early 2020 single “Rose Colored Violence.” All of The Waking Point’s material was recorded and produced by Sadie, the creator of the band.  She is helping pioneer the DIY aspect of music production by creating all of her artwork and music herself. “Bad Girl” is a track that portrays an abusive and obsessive relationship with a mentor that went very sour. Bipolar disorder, machiavellian revenge, feminism all included in this disaster batch. The inspiration behind this was sparked after learning a Black Sabbath song during a period of anger and resentment towards Sadie’s inability to please men.  The song is a hard melodic/psychedelic rock but has a strong Latin drumming component. Listen to “Bad Girl” 
  • San Francisco-based alternative artist Floyd, announces her debut video “What Do You Say,” out June 26, 2020. To describe Floyd as being “eclectic” would be a vast understatement.  The singer, songwriter and instrumentalist is inspired by lifelong musical influences ranging from Tori Amos to U2 to Cyndi Lauper. Set in iconic San Francisco locations and paired with anthemic vocal melodies and aggressive pop foundations, the video depicts an emotive journey from frustration and anguish to hope and revelation. Produced and directed by 88spire of San Francisco, with Patrick Lawler serving as Director of Photography, “What Do You Say” was written by Floyd and produced by Ed Clare and Georgann Ireland for Nova Noir Productions. “San Fransisco, the alternative singer-songwriter has a knack of combining catchy pop-songs with a singer-songwriter’s sensible touch, and when it all comes together as in “What Do You Say,” it’s magic.” (Pancakes and WhiskeyWatch “What Do You Say”
  • Washington DC-based, Experimental-Pop architects, The North Country, announce their new album America and Afterwards, “One of the Year’s Best Efforts”  (Pancakes and Whiskey).   The band is planning a special livestream for the LP on July 12th over on Facebook so RSVP HERE. The group stated, “When our tour down to SXSW was canceled by the pandemic, we seriously considered pulling our album release, but ultimately figured what better time to release an album about the collapse of America and rebuilding in the image of our ideals than now? This album is an honest look at the present and a hopeful look to the future. It is a direct call to reject the racist, misogynist, and capitalist relics of our past, and engage with the future with empathy, understanding, imagination and optimism.” The group’s music is eclectic, and each track contains a story that transports fans into a different point of view. America and Afterwards is an honest look at the present and a hopeful look to the future. If the album can be summed up in one lyric, it is: “We gotta give up on the past and the ghosts that haunt this place. To make good on the future we gotta look the present in the face”. We never expected this to be our present, a global pandemic and economic recession. If our current situation tells us anything it is that there’s no going back to the way things were, the future we build must be radically different from the present and the past.  Listen to America and Afterwards 
  • Austin-based, rock artist, Adrian Conner, is proud to release her new EP titled Hiss Kiss Hiss, which was boasted with a premiere in the Austin Chronicle.  Each song represents a personal experience Adrian has endured and fought through, even with persistent negative energy around her.    Each song out of Hiss Kiss Hiss holds a special meaning that many people can relate and rock out to. “An artist with as many miles and as much gumption as Conner must have more to say, so you can bet your ass this isn’t the last you’ll hear from her.”   (Austin Chronicle)  Listen to Hiss Kiss Hiss // Watch  SuperHuman

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