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LISTEN: “When Things Go Wrong”

Texas and New York collided today as modern thrash kings, Power Trip, unveiled a cover of “When Things Go Wrong”, originally by seminal NYHC outfit, Outburst. “When Things Go Wrong” was taken from Outburst’s 1989 classic EP, Miles To Go, and has been a staple of Power Trip’s live set for quite some time. This cover will be one of eleven Outburst classics reimagined by some of the most respected names in the scene today – including Fury, Krimewatch, Higher Power and Wildside – as part of the Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record, coming out on Blackout! Records this January. You can stream Power Trip’s version of “When Things Go Wrong” now on YouTube or pre-save the single on Spotify here ahead of its release on Friday, December 27th. Physical pre-orders for the record are also available here.
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As teenage knuckleheads growing up in Astoria, Queens, the members of Outburst never imagined their brand of New York Hardcore would live beyond their live show and a few recordings. Still, here we are thirty years later and new generations of punk and metal bands from all over the world are still finding inspiration in their music, sense of humor, and (lack of) attitude.

To this day, the band is still coming across covers of their songs from all over, according to drummer and primary lyricist, Joe Songco. “I stumbled across a Siberian, female-fronted hardcore band (Big Boss) that had recorded a version of “Controlled” and it blew my mind that anyone so remote, so many years later, even knew about us.”

To celebrate the upcoming vinyl reissue of their pivotal 1989 release, Miles To Go, the band and their label (Blackout! Records) have decided to release a companion compilation comprised of great new bands covering Outburst songs. The compilation will be called Hot Shit Attitude, a phrase taken from the lyrics to their song “No Choice”, and includes covers from a wide array of bands such as Power Trip and Higher Power – both of whom were already covering Outburst in their live sets.

 Outburst – Photo credit: Angela Owens
It was important to the band that Hot Shit Attitude wasn’t just ‘boys’ fun’. In addition to the aforementioned Big Boss cover, female-fronted bands including Krimewatch, Initiate and Outskirts all deliver intense, hyper-aggressive versions of Outburst tracks for the comp. Songco comments “These bands are all very inspiring to my 11 year old daughter. It’s so exciting that kids are growing up in an era where nobody is intimidated to sing (ok, scream) in a hardcore band.”
Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record Track List:
1. When Things Go Wrong – Power Trip
2. Misunderstood – Higher Power
3. SGI /Mission Impossible – Wild Side
4. Miles to Go – Initiate
5. No Choice – Fury
6. Think for Yourself – Krimewatch
7. Outburst (Intro) – Wild Side
8. Thin Ice – Search
9. The Hard Way – Mizery
10. Learn to Care – Stand Off
11. Controlled – Big Boss
12. True – Outskirts

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