cinematic post/doom metal outfit announce release date for new album “Porrima”!

POSTVORTA have confirmed the release date of their new album, which is titled “Porrima” and will be released via Sludgelord Records and 22 Dicembre Records on February 20th, 2020.

The Italian band have always been hard to classify. Since 2009, they have played music that’s heavy and progressive, cinematic and intimate, dense and sometimes minimal. You could call them “post” metal, as thunderous elements of pure doom often contrast with moments of introspection. Their entire musical trajectory seems like a gradual disclosure of intimate secrets.

The album’s five tracks showcase the band facing life’s pain and wonder with their eyes wide open. The collection’s emotional landscape is one of existential dread, melancholy and loss. Despite these existential conundrums, “Porrima” at times also displays some uplifting, euphoric vibes.

After years of writing, recording and playing live, POSTVORTA look to leave some of their traditional roots behind and forge a new sound devoid of any restrictions and limitations. No move is ever out of place, nor any possibility unexplored.

“Porrima” was produced by Riccardo Pasini (The Secret, Nero Di Marte, Ephel Duath) and mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult Of Luna).

In May 2019 POSTVORTA released the “Hollow” single, an outtake from the upcoming new album. The song is available on the band’s bandcamp page HERE.

Watch for more details on the new album and more news on other upcoming POSTVORTA activities to be posted shortly.


“Beckoning Light We Will Set Ourselves On Fire” (2014, Bleeding Lights Records, 22 Dicembre Records, Third I Rex Records, Drown Within Records)
“Aegeria” (2015, 22 Dicembre Records, Third I Rex Records, Drown Within Records)
“Carmestis” (2017, Third I Rex Records)
“Porrima” (2020, Sludgelord Records, 22 Dicembre Records)

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