Post-Hardcore Band I Fight Fail Releases Haunting New Single and Video

Post-Hardcore Band I Fight Fail Releases Haunting New Single and Video

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“Here,” the haunting new single from alternative post-hardcore band I Fight Fail, has a menacing tone throughout, something the band attributes to how it was written. “We actually wrote this song in a cabin in the woods over the course of a weekend,” says drummer/guitarist Anthony Carter. “It gives you an ominous feeling that you can feel and hear throughout the song.

Thematically, the track touches on themes of solitariness and loss. “This song is about losing something or someone you love and how it causes you to feel trapped or alone,” explains Carter. “It also can be perceived as don’t take life and the things you have for granted because it could be gone in an instant.

Along with the single, I Fight Fail has also released a music video for the track. The video furthers the ominous theme, featuring two actors performing over washes of reds and whites. The video has imagery of a woman chased down by a man which can be looked as a personal demon or depression. “When you try to run from your problems, fears, and or pain, it will always catch up,” says Carter.

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Raised on early 2000’s emo/punk rock and pulling influences from different genres all over the spectrum, I Fight Fail took shape around the talents of vocalist/bassist/guitarist Andy Potter, drummer/guitarist Anthony Carter.

The band wasted no time to independently release their first EP Move Me in early 2014. Their first single and music video “Nothing Bleeds” was broadcasted in Journeys shoe stores across the country. The EP visibly caught the attention of Standby Records and in the fall of 2016 the label released their second EP Voyages & Vantage Points. It was that EP that generated buzz among tastemakers and music critics alike which landed them on the independent billboard charts. In January of 2017 the EP received national attention when their single “Are You Okay” received play time in Journey’s stores once again.

I Fight Fail’s popularity continued to grow in 2018 with “Silhouettes” another independently released single. It quickly received over 300k streams on Spotify. Since then, they have independently released a cover and music video of “Cute Without The E” by Taking Back Sunday which received over 200k views on facebook. 2020 brought their next original single “All I Am,” the start of a new era for the band.

I Fight Fail will be releasing a new EP in the beginning of 2021 and plan to follow up with a tour as long as the pandemic doesn’t continue to hinder the industry.

“Here” is now streaming now on Spotify and on all major platforms.

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