Portuguese Pop Punk Frontwoman BEEA Shares Upbeat New Single

Portuguese Pop Punk Frontwoman BEEA Shares Upbeat New Single

FFO: Against The Current, Tonight Alive, State Champs.

Portuguese vocalist BEEA has just dropped her new single “Oh, Wait.” The track is a slice of pure alternative pop punk, complete with a huge sing-along hook, infectious “whoas” and BEEA’s vocals shining front and center.

According to the singer, the track is about putting an end to a difficult time in her life, “I used to be in a toxic and extremely dysfunctional relationship, which I got tired of after a while,” BEEA explains. “This is pretty cliche, but the moment I decided I wanted to leave, everything flipped and it was like I was back in a fairy tale.

BEEA traveled to Paris to record the “Oh, Wait,” which was produced, mixed and mastered by Bertrand and Éric Poncet of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at ALIAS Studios.

The video was shot with my favorite director Jeremy Marlon of Media Offline,” says BEEA. “I wanted something fun and playful, because I was truly living my best life at the moment, and I wanted to capture that. I was extremely lucky, because we were able to do it right before the pandemic hit!


CREDIT: Media Offline

BEEA was born in Portugal, started singing when she was three years old and soon realized she wanted to make a career out of it. After failed attempts to form a band, she decided to go solo and started going to Paris alone to work with Alias Studios. Her first single “Sinking” gave her the opportunity to be an opening act for Against The Current twice. She then released the singles “All I Wanted” and “ Paranoia,” as well as the Paranoia EP in January of 2020. In 2020 she also finally had the chance to play her first international gig in Paris and released an acoustic version of her Paranoia EP.

BEEA hopes “Oh, Wait” brings some positivity into the listeners’ lives. “After writing so many heartbreak songs, I wanted to bring something hopeful and positive, and be able to lift people’s spirit’s a little bit.

Listen to the single “Oh, Wait” now on Spotify.