PORTRAIT Reveals “From The Urn” Video

PORTRAIT Reveals “From The Urn” Video

The Host Full-Length To See Release June 21, 2024 On Metal Blade Records

 Photo by Stefan Johansson

Following 2021‘s critically adored At One With None, Sweden‘s PORTRAIT returns with their sixth album The Host, their first ever concept album, set for release on June 21st through Metal Blade Records. In advance of its official unveiling, today the band reveals the latest single, “From The Urn.”

Founding guitarist Christian Lindell describes the new offering as, “an occult tale of sword and sorcery, accompanied by some of the most passionate heavy metal ever recorded. The story takes place in seventeenth century Sweden and revolves around an unnamed protagonist who, because of his experiences with the injustice and hypocrisy of this world, decides to seek truth and strength through its ’Adversary.‘”

On the musical side, PORTRAIT‘s co-founding drummer Anders Persson adds that the album, “is a versatile entity, showing all sides of what has become our own style of heavy metal, identity, and sense of melody, yet with some new areas explored in several directions. There are songs that are our fastest and most ’extreme‘ so far along with songs of an almost semi ballad feeling. It blends perfectly together musically and fits the dramaturgy of the story.”

Elaborates Lindell on the band‘s latest single, “’From The Urn‘ is a  song in which the main character of the story realizes that he has stronger connections with the realm of the dead than with any person still alive. A lot of stuff going on in this one musically, showcasing a bit of our progressive side, but still filled with hooks that shall leave incurable wounds.”

Watch PORTRAIT‘s “From The Urn” video HERE:

Watch the band‘s previously released video for “The Blood Covenant” HERE:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UZMC8whXxgThe story of The Host takes place in the Swedish Empire during the Era Of Great Power, an era of constant war. The church played a central role in Swedish society in those days and the task of choosing the men that would be sent out to war was given to the priests. All men above the age of fifteen were summoned to the church hill once a year, where the priest then decided who would be the “lucky” ones (the rule of guidance being that every tenth man was to be picked).
It was preached that the reason for war was all sins committed by common man, and to be part of the army during those times was to be considered something sacred. Biblical passages were often quoted as references in order to legitimize the conquering of enemy territory, and in order to establish a “fear of god” within the army, religious services were held in the military camps twice a day and anyone not attending would be punished.

But there are also court documents from this era showing that some soldiers stood accused of having made pacts with the Devil with the intent of receiving strength and protection in war, as well as luck and prosperity, in exchange for one‘s own blood and other offerings. A central part of this process was the sacrament of the Eucharist. Once consecrated by the priest, the bread of communion becomes the Host or body of Jesus Christ, elevated to something beyond its mere forms and imbued with magical powers.

There were different methods to employ the Host for sorcerous ends. One of the most common ways was to simply conduct one‘s magical rites after having partaken of the sacrament in church, as it was believed that one‘s own magical abilities were at their strongest by then. Another approach was to steal it from church and give it as an offering to the Devil or other spirits summoned for the work at hand.

The Host serves as PORTRAIT‘s first album to feature guitarist Karl Gustafsson as part of the band‘s lineup and was recorded in JFK Studio in Sweden. Mixing and production tasks were handled by singer Per Lengstedt at his own Perilous Productions Studio while mastering was handled by Bart Gabriel. The record will be released on CD and digital formats as well as vinyl in the following color variants:
Multicolored Splatter – Ltd. 200
White Black Marbled – Ltd. 300
180–gram Black
Burgundy Red MarbledFind preorders at: https://eyesoremerch.com/bands/p/portrait/

The Host Track Listing:
1. Hoc Est Corpus Meum (Intro)
2. The Blood Covenant
3. The Sacrament
4. Oneiric Visions
5. One Last Kiss
6. Treachery
7. Sound The Horn
8. Dweller Of The Threshold
9. Die In My Heart
10. Voice Of The Outsider
11. From The Urn
12. The Men Of Renown
13. Sword Of Reason (The Steel Of Revenge)
14. The Passions Of Sophia

6/29/2024 Pitcher – Düsseldorf, DE
6/30/2024 Bambi Galore – Hamburg, DE
7/07/2024 Time To Rock Festival – Knislinge, SE
7/31/2024 Wacken Open Air – Wacken, DE
9/27/2024 L’ Homme Sauvage Festival – Auzas, FRTickets: https://linktr.ee/heavymetalportrait