Portland outfit 09 [OH-NINE] have released their debut album, ‘Lost Years’.

Portland outfit 09 [OH-NINE] have released their debut album, ‘Lost Years’.

No singer? No problem. 09 [OH-NINE] features a different artist on each song, collaborating with a host of the scene’s most lauded vocalists. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, 09 strives to celebrate the music they love with the artists they love.

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‘Lost Years’ Track listing:
1. “Echoes” (ft. Rory Rodriguez)
2. “Consolidator” (ft. Donovan Melero)
3. “Hollow Heart” (ft. Andrew Serino)
4. “Paranoid” (ft. Jamie Currie)
5. “Lost Years” (ft. Cove Reber)
6. “Dead Roots” (ft. Cory Brandan)
7. “Masquerade” (ft. Matty Mullins)
8. “Idle Hands” (ft. Chris Ratzlaff)
9. “Digital Vagrant” (ft. Days to Waste)
10. “American Disease” (ft. Kellin Quinn)
11. “Eidolon” (ft. Justin Abel)
12. “Impermanence” (ft. Malia Endres)

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‘Lost Years’ features an enviable cast of talent, including Rory RodriguezMatty MullinsMalia EndresKellin Quinn and Cory Brandan. Produced by 09 & Justin Abel in Portland, OR, and featuring additional instrumentation from bassist Michael Palmquist and guitarist Bob Hall, the band’s first full length record is completely independent and self-released.

“This record is more than two years in the making—we decided early on not to have a front person, and instead feature someone new on every song…we didn’t really know where it would take us, but we knew it was a crazy idea. We couldn’t be more proud of how this turned out, and we’re so fortunate to have worked with some of our best friends, as well as some of our favorite artists ever. Working with some of the guys that influenced me as I came up in the scene was a dream come true.”

“Conceptually, the record was mostly written about loss, and how that loss shapes someone as a young adult. It’s the story of my 20’s. I just tried to explore the ambivalence of the human experience, and to be as honest as possible in writing about my life. A lot of it is extremely personal, but I hope people can identify with it in some way. And I see the irony in creating something that almost mourns these moments in my life, despite this album and the entire process creating it having been an immense source of joy for me over the last few years. I think that’s as human as can be.” – EJ Olson.

Watch the new playthrough video for “Consolidator” ft. Donovan Melero HERE.




09 is:

EJ Olson – Drums
Chancelor Reeder – Guitar

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