Port Noir to release new album Cuts on March 11th via Despotz Records

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Ground breaking Swedish rock band Port Noir unveil new album ‘Cuts’ on March 11th 2022

Released March 11 via Despotz Records
(Progressive dark pop/Alt-Rock)

FFO: Royal Blood / Enter Shikari / Bring Me the Horizon


As we move into 2022, Sweden’s ground-breaking rock act Port Noir are primed and ready to return with their brand-new album. A release that brings together elements of their past, in both style and sound, but given a fresh impetus by the band’s approach to the song writing and recording process. Embracing the energy and passion of their live performances and capturing that in the recording process was paramount in the band’s mind. Digging deeper into the essence of the songs this time out, Port Noir chose to ditch standard studio aids such as click tracks and allow the songs the ebb and flow that their live shows embrace, creating a collection of songs that capture the beating heart of Port Noir. Slightly darker in feel but still very much Port Noir, the new album ‘Cuts‘ bristles with energy, intensity and musical depth, ensuring it will be an album that’s impact will be felt immediately.

Port Noir about the album;
“With this album we wanted to delve deeper into the sound and style of our earlier albums and try to create something fresh. We recorded the album live without click this time to capture the real intensity and flow of the songs. This album has a slightly darker feel than our previous release, but it is still very energetic and has a lot of intensity and depth.

The result is something that we are very proud of and we think that we succeeded in delivering everything we set out to achieve.” 

Port Noir is one of those rare bands that, try as you might, are impossible to fit into a neat box. Mixing edgy, contemporary dark pop, R&B, and rock into a sound that is both unique and refreshing. Hailing from Sweden, the band have released three critically acclaimed albums (the brand-new album is imminent) and toured extensively, including support shows with the likes of Karnivool, LeprousKaiser ChiefsIn Flames, Vola, Pain of Salvation, as well as prestigious festival appearances including Eurosonic ESNS.

The band’s previous album (‘The New Routine’) saw a significant increase in listeners/streams, pushing the band’s support of over 7 million streams, as well as garnering fantastic support across the press and radio. They have been reviewed by Distorted Sound Magazine, Lounder Sound, Gaffa, Metal.de, Everything is Noise, Time For Metal, World of Metal to name a few. Like everyone else, everything came to grinding halt with Covid for the band, but, undeterred, they utilized their down time and began working on new songs and new ideas, all which culminated in some of the band’s most diverse, eclectic, and powerful new material to date. As you’ll witness when the new album arrives in 2022.

Members: Love Andersson (Vocals, Bass), AW Wiberg (Drums) and Andreas Hollstrand as a session musician (Guitar). Produced by Port Noir / Vocals & Synths/FX recorded by Port Noir. Recorded by Daniel Bergstrand (Devin Townsend, In Flames, Behemoth) alongside Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah). Mixed & Mastered by Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/portnoirofficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/portnoir/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6s6x6p9qZFaPfeALpVvcpR
Bandcamp: https://portnoir.bandcamp.com


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