Pop-punk group Three Cheers Too Late show sincerity in second EP ‘Ernestine’

“Unwavering and fast-paced, the band waste no time getting to the heart of the track” – Alternative Press
“Three Cheers Too Late offer hope for those without it” – Substream Magazine
Listen to Ernestine
Straight from Alternative Press’ “artists you need to hear in September” list, New Jersey pop-punk band Three Cheers Too Late gets candid about losing a family member in their upcoming November 20th EP Ernestine. Thoughtfully named after vocalist Anthony Santiago’s late grandmother, six track Ernestine has strong rhythms and a sincere story, as each track contains both simplicity and depth, resembling old-school pop-punk. Tinged with sorrow, Santiago’s shouts coarse through developed soundscapes, overall surpassing their 2019 debut EP Don’t Expect Me. Fans of faster skate-punk rhythms found in older Blink-182 and early 2000s Warped Tour will find familiar tones throughout Ernestine.
Anthony Santiago elaborates on latest single “Everything, Everyone”, “There comes a time in life when everyone has to say goodbye to either someone or something they loved. Recently, I’ve experienced this after losing my grandmother due to complications from a surgery. Next thing I knew, I was saying goodbye. In that moment, and ever since, it has felt like the whole world I knew is different. As if the sun will never shine again. I have to learn what life is like without her.
This idea of eventually having to say goodbye to everything and everyone you have loved is what inspired me to write Everything, Everyone. We all eventually have to learn this truth and understand that time stands still for no one. No one is indestructible. In the end, nothing lasts forever.”
Three Cheers Too Late is a four-piece pop-punk band who released their 2019 debut EP Don’t Expect Me, featuring skate-punk single “Kicked In”. The single built a foundation to help the band land shows alongside pop-punk genre champions such as Carousel Kings, Sundressed, Stickup Kid, and We Were Sharks. Recorded with Jet Jaguar vocalist Pete Zen, the band’s upcoming EP Ernestine is a display of courage in a hard year.
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