Each single The Second After puts out narrates a similar story, a story of moving on. Their last two singles of 2019, “A Very Pop-Punk Wedding” and “Riptide” both serve as important stepping stones that lead seamlessly into 2020; the first about seeing a future with a dream girl and the latter on fighting out of a rut and into new goals. January 10th reveals “Thinking Clear”, the story’s next turning point: realizing the butterflies were red flags instead. Pulling the video’s inspiration from an unexpected influence, R&B group Boyz II Men is what the Revival Recordings group had on repeat through the recording of “Thinking Clear” and their upcoming EP. Although this influence is purely rooted in the past, this new single is all about the leap forward.

“‘Thinking Clear’ is a song about getting over something that haunts you and understanding it was probably never meant to be in the first place. A little reminder that if you really look at things, you will notice all the red flags that foreshadowed the inevitable. Also, if it seems too good to be true, chances are, it is.” – Alfred Williamson (guitar)

photo by Alex Zarek 

The Second After is a group of four genuine souls that pour their personal experiences into each unique piece of music. Their vibe of familiarity wraps listeners in a bear hug and reminds each one that life’s hardships are just a bump in the road. The Second After has rocketed off into 2020 with colorful flames behind them and this decade for Raleigh’s most cherished pop-punk band is already in full swing with another punk-driven music video for new single “Thinking Clear” off their upcoming new EP, due in Spring.

“Thinking Clear” was mixed by Seth Henderson (Real Friends, Knuckle Puck), Seth Henderson (Mayday Parade, Homesafe) / music video produced by Alex Zarek.

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https://www.facebook.com/thesecondafterofficialband/                    1/10 – Huntington, WV
https://twitter.com/thesecondafter                                                                         1/28 – Charleston, SC
https://www.instagram.com/thesecondafter/                                     1/29 – Greensboro, NC
1/30 – Virginia Beach, VA

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