Polaris // The Death of Me // Album Review
Polaris // The Death of Me // Album Review 10
Polaris // The Death of Me // Album Review 10
Polaris // The Death of Me // Album Review 10
Polaris // The Death of Me // Album Review 10
Polaris // The Death of Me // Album Review 10
10Overall Score
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For Metalcore fans, it’s rare that a band is universally loved by practically the entire scene, one of the exceptions to this though is Polaris, who has perfected the blend of melody and aggression from day one. After the insane reaction to their last release The Mortal Coil, anticipation to see if they can top one of last decades best Metalcore albums is high. With the upcoming release of The Death Of Me though, it’s time to dive in and see if Polaris can pull out another album of such quality.

Starting the album is Pray For Rain, and encapsulates everything about the bands sound instantly. Ambience, aggression and raw emotion are all here in droves and perfectly sets the tone for the release. Following this is one of the album’s singles, Hypermania. Switching out the ambient melodies, the song is an all-out assault on the listener that will have you banging your head along without realising. Track three is another single, Masochist, and swaps the aggression for catchy hooks and a great melodic guitar-line. After this, we have the final single, Landmine, and it can be bluntly summed up as a Freight train of riffs and anger that hit you right in the core.

Vagabond is track 5 and is a great example of the sound that made Polaris popular, to begin with thanks to the fantastic musicianship and catchy lyrics. Creatures of Habit then rips through listeners at a breakneck pace with fast, technical riffs and ridiculously groovy breakdowns before we move to track 7, Above My Head that puts out one of the catchiest hooks and chorus’ I’ve heard in years. Martyr (Waves) slows the album down and focuses on ambience and an emotional clean vocal performance before moving into a Hard-Rock inspired shred-fest that shows the range this band truly have as musicians.

All This Is Fleeting is the penultimate track of the record and my personal favourite. With incredibly emotional lyrics that hit me harder than I thought anything on this album would, the song just speaks to me. On top of this, the song features the heaviest breakdown on the release. If you’re going to listen to anyone song on the album, make it this one. Finally, closing the album out is The Decent. While the previous track had the heaviest breakdown, this is without a doubt the heaviest song on the entire release while encapsulating everything that has made Polaris the powerhouse they are in the genre. 

The Death Of Me is in short, a masterpiece of musicianship. Bringing everything fans have come to love within the bands sound, evolving and being easily accessible on top is something most bands fail to ever achieve, but this album does it effortlessly. The performances from cover to cover and always spot on and not once across the entire release did I find my attention drifting. This album is a must-listen for any fan of metal. Genuinely superb.

Polaris –The Death of Me is out now via Sharptone Records


Review: Daniel Stapleton



1. Pray For Rain 4:44

2. Hypermania 2:41

3. Masochist 4:07
4. Landmine 3:48

5. Vagabond 4:16
6. Creatures Of Habit 4:20
7. Above My Head 4:41
8. Martyr (Waves) 3:50
9. All Of This Is Fleeting 3:56

10. The Descent 5:17

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