Planeetta 9 ends the silence with the lash of a whip

Planeetta 9 ends the silence with the lash of a whip


Photo: Tomi Vesaharju

“Pirun piiska” (The Devil’s Whip) is a single from the upcoming EP album of Planeetta 9, which will be released at the turn of February and March. Like the EP, the single introduces the band’s renewed line-up and their fresh diabolical spices to the soup.

Planeetta 9 is now ploughing with a “fist-in-the-face” attitude, more hungry and heavier than ever, without forgetting the importance of the more delicate nuances. The composition is not set in any of the band’s old compartments or blindly bowing to traditions. The creativity has been allowed to run free without shackles or expectations.

Listen to “Pirun piiska”:
“Pirun piiska” is about cultural addiction-like worship for young female beauty. It’s also about the desperate fight to break free from a poisonous relationship driven by that kind of addiction. That anger and frustration seep heavily on Jukka Salo’s vocal tracks. Janne Saksa, the grandmaster of Finnish heavy- and rock sound, is responsible for the song’s final essence.

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