Pixies // Doggerel // Album Review


The Pixies, a band that truly needs no introduction, are back with their 8th studio album, Doggerel, and the band is just as on form as ever.

From the moment the opening track, nomatterday, kicks in, the simple yet ridiculously well-written bassline instantly starts getting you grooving along before the midpoint of the track brings in an incredibly interesting twist to the structure that showcases the ridiculous level of talent the band has at their fingertips. Vault of Heaven and Dregs of the Wine takes listeners back to the mid ’90s with a heavy dose of grunge while keeping that charm the Pixies are known for.

Upon reaching Haunted House, it’s obvious that the band haven’t lost a thing with yet another ridiculously catchy track that has some beautiful chord progressions and vocal melodies that truly shine a light on Black Francis’ vocal ability. Track 5, Get Simulated, is definitely more of a grower but The Lord Has Come Back Today brings in a massive helping of Alt-Rock with some more fantastic vocal work from both Francis and Vocalist/Bassist Paz Lenchantin.

As the album continues moving forward, it feels like a love letter to the different eras of the Pixies sounds, all flowing perfectly from each other with my personal highlights of the album being There’s a Moon On thanks to the gorgeous guitar work, and Who’s More Sorry Now? for its amazing bassline that I’ve not got out of my head since the first listen.

There’s really not too much to say about this release. It’s the Pixies doing what they do best, creating infectious basslines and catchy lyrics with as much experimentation as they can throw in. A truly great release from a band that still hasn’t lost their edge, even after 34 years in the industry. If you love the Pixies, you’ll love Doggerel.

Doggerel is released Friday, Sept 30th courtesy of Infectious/BMG

Review: Dan Stapleton


Track listing

  • Nomatterday

  • Vault of Heaven

  • Dregs of the Wine

  • Haunted House

  • Get Simulated

  • The Lord Has Come Back Today

  • Thunder and Lightning

  • There’s a Moon On

  • Pagan Man

  • Who’s More Sorry Now

  • You’re Such a Sadducee

  • Doggerel

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