Pick Up Before You Go 
Dwellings Release New Single, Launch Vinyl

      Modesto, CA — August 16th. Relationships are often complicated and can leave us feeling confused and doubting ourselves, instead of being a light of love and acceptance. We put faith in those we deem worthy of our trust, and if it becomes broken, it’s hard to pick up the pieces of the world crumbling around us. Dwellings’ new single, “Pick Up Before You Go” tells the story of heartbreak and how one comes to terms with their own self-identity.
    Oftentimes, when we are mourning a past love, we wish we didn’t have to bear the memories replaying in our head constantly, leaving us to question why things failed in the first place. We can give everything we have to someone and for no rhyme or reason, they are unable to love us in the way we deserve. This can leave us questioning our own self-worth and send us into a downward spiral: forcing us to rebuild our own identity. In the song, vocalist Isaac Wilson discusses his own internal struggle with self-acceptance. The track hits it’s climax with Wilson exclaiming “What the f*ck is wrong with me // Do I have some disorder or disease? // And if there’s anything to make it worse // I can’t get past this f*cking curse.”
    Dwellings exploded on the Northern California Scene last year with their debut album Lavender Town on Tragic Hero Records. The band amassed a strong following through touring and are excited to be putting out new music. “Pick Up Before You Go” includes the addition of new members Erik Tilja (Guitars) & Thomas Reilly (Drums). “Pick Up Before You Go” is streaming now on Spotify. To coincide with the new single, Dwellings announced that their debut album, Lavender Town is available for pre-order on vinyl for the first time ever! You can pre-order your copy now at Merchbucket.

About Dwellings:
    Isaac Wilson and Anthony Pacheco met through pretty ordinary circumstances, but they have been stirring up a graceful maelstrom, bending the foundations of progressive rock music ever since. The duo achieves their sound by fusing perpetually mutating polyrhythms, lush chords, and smooth melodies. Though their songs are dense and virtuosic, they have a childlike playfulness that lies underneath; imagine an Olympic gold medal swimmer enchanted by dancing bubbles. However, there are sharks in the water, and sometimes they’re drawn to the surface by an aggressive riff or a guttural vocal. Moments like these never overstay their welcome. If there’s one message Dwellings wants to spread, it’s that no obstacle is worth sacrificing your happiness; the best way to overcome something is by moving forward and having a bit of fun while you’re at it.
     Imagine a berserk rocket ride through the warped space of a cartoon dimension that offers swirling and fizzing pools of color to wash away your spiritual umbra. Songs such as “Foreverest” weave tender beds of arpeggiated guitars reminiscent of a music box. On the other end of the emotional spectrum are the tracks “Snake Charmer” and “Lemonade” which are far more blustery. The thread tying these songs together are sensual, yet extremely volatile vocals that glide like a caressing hand, but will punish with stinging claws if under too much stress. Lavender Town is a shining example of where rock music is headed, with Dwellings in the captain’s chair commanding “Warp Factor 1”. Following it’s release, the album charted at #4 on the Billboard New Artist charts. The band continued to tour in support of the album release.
     With the addition of new guitarist, Erik Tilja and drummer Thomas Reilly, Dwellings returned to the studio to work on new material. “Pick Up Before You Go” is a product of a time of reflection and growth among the band. The song speaks volumes about Isaac Wilson’s internal struggle with mental health and self acceptance.

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