Phoenix rock quartet Viper Club have dropped a new music video for their latest single “Red Pen”

Phoenix rock quartet Viper Club have dropped a new music video for their latest single “Red Pen”.

Watch the new music video HERE.

The track, awash with electrifying riffs and high-energy rock vibes is out now, with the video showing a grizzled high school janitor playing out his rock n roll fantasy after hours.


red pen cover art

Formed in 2019 by brothers Jack and Nate Vanderpol, Viper Club are an emerging rock ‘n roll force to be reckoned with. Taking influence from classic and cult films, Viper Club are anything but scripted. Jack’s quintessential frontman energy and high-powered vocals intertwine with riveting riffs; the band taking their sonic influence from the likes of Cage The ElephantBadflower and Weathers.

2019 single “Beatrix” was recorded at the world famous Palmquist Studios in Los Angeles. On the track, Viper Club assembled an all-star cast of contributors, including Emmy Award winning producer Jim Roach (Ninja Sex Party, Starbomb), Thom Flowers (Steve Perry, The Ataris) and John Greenham (Billie Eilish, CHON).

Subsequently, the AZ rockers have unveiled a collection of serotonin-inducing, toe-tapping tracks, from “Reese Witherspoon” to 2020’s “Sunshine” and are gearing up for the release of an as-of-yet untitled EP, set for release later this year.

Watch Viper Club’s new music video, “Red Pen”.

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Viper Club is:
Jack Vanderpol – Vocals
Nate Vanderpol – Drums
Gianni Jinx – Guitar
Carl Gumpert – Bass

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