Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons // We’re The Bastards // Album Review

Having reviewed the debut album, The Age Of Absurdity by Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons in 2018 and have been blown away by the release, I jumped at the chance of reviewing this follow up. 

Following the sad passing of Lemmy Kilmister and the end of Motorhead, the legendary Phil Campbell decided to turn to his own family as he looked to continue to bring musical joy to the masses by enlisting his sons Todd, Tyla, and Dane on guitar, bass, and drums respectively whilst looping in Neil Starr on vocals and immediately began making waves on the touring scene resulting in landing the support slot for Guns n’ Roses stadium tour in 2017.

The debut album continued the incredible rise of this special band and having been to the gig at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham last year, the energy given off from those tracks was unbelievable, leaving a slight issue for this follow-up, how to live up to the growing hype.

However, fear not as the album opener ‘We’re The Bastards’ not only alleviates any concerns, it is a welcome and a call to arms as the hordes of new followers look to become one with those who they are about to sing along with.

By the end of this opener, the pure filth created just oozes down your ear canal and makes you feel so dirty, but it feels so good you are begging for more and plenty more is what you get. This however is not all about blowing the doors off, as a Blues-led track in ‘Born To Roam’ brings a little drawl, and the final offering ‘Waves’ is a moody way to end any record.

The guitars are so riff-heavy, molding themselves to the style on display as the drums provide the beat that your foot will be tapping with and the bass creates the thick bond between all the aspects whilst also allowing itself to come to the fore at times and the deep tone is combined by true fronting vocals that top off the perfect line up that create a pure audible delight.

No matter which sounds the band utilises over the 13 tracks, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons has created a non-stop, top drawer album that blows the cobwebs away and provides a stunning escape from the problems of the world. There is simply no better Rock ‘n’ Roll band around and no better music available to the world than We’re The Bastards, so let’s all enjoy being bastards, crank this album up and raise a little hell.

Ed Ford


We’re The Bastards is released Friday 13th November 2020 via Nuclear Blast Records.



01. We’re The Bastards 3:39 

02. Son Of A Gun 3:00 

03. Promises Are Poison 3:38 

04. Born To Roam 4:58 

05. Animals 4:03 

06. Bite My Tongue 3:06 

07. Desert Song 5:41 

08. Keep Your Jacket On 3:46 

09. Lie To Me 3:47 

10. Riding Straight To Hell 3:18 

11. Hate Machine 5:25 

12. Destroyed 2:18 

13. Waves 6:38



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