PESTIFER Unveil “Expanding the Virus” Documentary

Belgian SciFi Tech Death masters PESTIFER have just unleashed a documentary about the recording of new album “Expanding Oblivion”, its release amidst the current pandemic, a gig with a sat audience, their relationship with XENOKORP and a forthcoming live in the studio recording during the Belgian quarantine.

The video can be streamed on YouTube here and on Facebook here

For Fans of…



With its analog and near-live sound and mastering by Victor BULLOCK (TRIPTYKON, NONEUCLID…), “Expanding Oblivion” is not only inspired by classic SciFi literature (Liu CIXIN, Isaac ASIMOV…), it’s a metaphorical chronicle of our relationship with technology without being moralistic, with a lyrical concept wide enough in its building of a whole Universe for the listener let the imagination flow… Welcome aboard, resistance is futile!

Born in a hostile system, they used their advanced technology to transfer their consciences int servers-spaceships-factories to survive and roam the Universe, swallowing and disembodying life forms, expanding the network without boundaries, all as one, fusing knowledge, experiences, thoughts and reflections, being everywhere as oversighting sentinels sometimes creating carnal hosts to feel for a while among other species until they found Earth.

A world on the verge of an apocalypse with a dying specie to which they offered a remedy through disembodiment and absorption in the network. But, like one can’t travel faster than light, a network can’t grow limitlessly in its quest of omniscience, and, reaching its own end, having absorbed all consciousness of the Universe, every single trace of life that ever existed got lost, forever…

Expanding Oblivion!

  • 500 copies limited edition Deluxe DigiPak first print
  • First single “Ominous Wanderers” already streaming everywhere and already picked up by Trevor of THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER for his “best of January 2020” METAL INJECTION playlist
  • Second single “Swallower of Worlds” available during preorders
  • The music video for the song “The Remedy” to be released around the release date

Line Up

  • Jérôme BERNARD – Vocals
  • Valéry BOTTIN – Guitars
  • Adrien GUSTIN – Bass
  • Philippe GUSTIN – Drums



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