Pestifer // Expanding Oblivion // Album Review
Pestifer // Expanding Oblivion // Album Review8
Pestifer // Expanding Oblivion // Album Review8
Pestifer // Expanding Oblivion // Album Review8
Pestifer // Expanding Oblivion // Album Review8
Pestifer // Expanding Oblivion // Album Review8
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2006 saw Pestifer release their debut EP and 2010 saw the first full-length album by way of Age of Disgrace. This was followed by way of Reaching The Void in 2014 and then a decision to take as long as necessary to write the third album, making it more personable for all members but also to come up with a new Sci-Fi concept which has now come to fruition with Expanding Oblivian. Pestifer has also toured with some huge names such as Exhumed, Nile, Devourment, Vader, and Kataklysm to name a few and played to audiences across Europe.

Now, the four-piece founded by twin brothers Adrien and Phil Gustin have had a line-up change for this album, but the core remains strong and the new additions bring their skills to the fore in this exciting new offering.

The album kicks off with ‘The Remedy’ an up-tempo Tech-Death introduction to the offering with chunky guitars and Technical riffs running through the veins, as the guitars are keeping ever-changing pace and taking a real beating in the process and the aggressive Death Metal vocal that growls over it all in wondrous fashion. This is not all out Tech-Death however as the band is more than comfortable exploring a more melodic side occasionally, expanding on the narrative of wanting to take us on a journey.

‘Disembodied’ is a musical interlude that allows some additional atmosphere and also your brain to take a break from an impressive range of fretwork on display, before ‘Swallower of Worlds’ comes back in and continues to take you on this Sci-Fi, brain-twisting brutal journey. 

The 11 track album spans 45minutes of some very high-quality Tech Death Metal but differs from many other offerings in that this feels more of a complex package. Expanding Oblivion isn’t full force Tech, Pestifer has figured where to ramp it up and where to let the music flow rather than an all-out mind-blower, they have let the storytelling take front and center and built the music around it whilst still remaining highly Technical in this audible offering.

Expanding Oblivion is a very intelligently put together an album, that allows the concept of the release to be the main focus, whilst being very enjoyable and impressive musically. Pestifer has created a stand out album that will impress a large number of people, me included.

Ed Ford


Expanding Oblivion will be released Friday 13th March 2020 via Xenokorp Records.


Track List

1. The Remedy
2. Ominous Wanderers
3. Silent Spheres
4. Disembodied
5. Swallower of Worlds
6. Fractal Sentinels
7. Grey Hosts
8. Lone Entity
9. Omniscient
10. Ultimate Confusions
11. Expanding Oblivion


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