Periphery - Periphery IV : Hail Satan - Album Review
Periphery - Periphery IV : Hail Satan - Album Review9
Periphery - Periphery IV : Hail Satan - Album Review9
Periphery - Periphery IV : Hail Satan - Album Review9
Periphery - Periphery IV : Hail Satan - Album Review9
Periphery - Periphery IV : Hail Satan - Album Review9
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Releasing P4 through their recently formed label 3DOT Recordings has allowed the Grammy nominated Washington D.C band to allow themselves the time and space to experiment and create something that they really are proud of.

For those who are yet to be graced with previous Periphery experience, this 6 piece band smash the mould and create their fusion of Progressive Metal, with Post Metal and Djent tinges to create something unique, using the triple pronged guitar attack to maximum effect as the riffs, hooks and solos all intertwine and combine to create a mind fucking experience, all whilst the bass is turned up so create deep undertone, the drums are spasmodic in their beats as they rarely hold a regularly beat for long, and then an aggressive vocal that powers over the cacophony of sounds to create the Periphery sound.

This album starts with an epic track in ‘Reptile’ which weighs in just shy of a heft 17 minutes during which you will experience exactly what Periphery are all about as they twist and turn on a roller-coaster of Prog Metal at its finest and this is just the warm up.

The album itself is 9 tracks long lasting 1 hour and 3 minutes, with the shortest being 3:34 however don’t let this daunt you, as the album itself is one of the finest examples of Modern Metal that I have heard in some time.

‘Follow The Ghost’ feels a little softer around the edges with some more melodic flows, whilst still being a complete raging monster that explodes randomly and the craft of combining the pace, tone and musicality is something to behold as Periphery scoop you up and take you on this twisted and unique journey with into some places you never knew existed.

‘Crush’ also mixes things up with an electronic sounding backing as a more industrial sound, however maybe this is to be expected on an album where the band have been allowed to express themselves and create something that they feel is an experiment in the quest to perfect what they feel Periphery is. I think this track truly shows how versatile they are as it is anything but a very good track.

For any long term fans, this is certainly a ‘Periphery album’ if anything it is the most a ‘Periphery album’ could ever be, trily releasing the shackles to create a wonderous collection of unconventional sounds and tones and masterfully piecing them together to create a stunning release.

Ed Ford

Periphery IV: Hail Satan is released April 5th 2019 via 3DOT Recordings.




Track List

02. Blood Eagle
04. Garden In The Bones
05. It’s Only Smiles
06. Follow Your Ghost
07. Crush
08. Sentient Glow
09. Satellites


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