We have UK darkly rockers PEARL HANDLED REVOLVER (www.pearlhandledrevolver.co.uk ) returning to the fold with a killer new album and track. The foursome have just revealed a lyric video for Machine Gun , which is lifted from their engaging new album, Fantasy Reigns, out Friday 5th July. We asked the guys for five tracks that have helped to define their engrossing sound:

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds – ‘Red Right Hand’

We all appreciate Nick Cave. Lyrically, he lifts the mundane into the sublime, elevating experience to the realm of poetic mystery. The music is steeped in atmosphere, chimes and dark murmurings. There’s familiarity and discord, chaos trapped in the moment as the story unfolds. ‘Red Right Hand’ mixes traditional blues with modern interpretations of fear, justice and fate. It’s expansive, with astonishing attention to the quality of every sound. The Morricone chime strikes with the finality of a show down. It’s you and the tall dark stranger at ten paces, the trigger finger of the song.

‘Siren’ came from this place, a reference we returned to repeatedly when discussing how to make it breathe.

Amon Tobin – ‘Sultan Drops’

This track, from ‘Permutations’, is a dark, hypnotic mix of modern and traditional sounds, there’s double bass, jazz breaks and keys aplenty. The album was built from jazz and bossa nova samples and it’s not perhaps an obvious influence, but we use the layering and repetition common in electronic music to create and sustain moods and for our new album I was particularly inspired by breakbeats and sound design. The drum tracks were planned out with the dynamics of a dance track in mind, building on the beats without interrupting their momentum with fills or changes.

Steppenwolf – ‘Magic Carpet Ride’

This song is from the dirtier side of psychedelia and 60’s blues rock, with its overdriven organ, guitars feeding back, an instrumental wig out and a groove that get’s you moving..  We could have picked a handful of Steppenwolf tunes that have inspired the PHR sound, this one is their trippiest.


Funkadelic – ‘Red Hot Mama’

Tight, driving grooves are important to our sound and few have driven harder than Funkadelic. Individually, they were all capable of virtuoso musicianship but more often than not they played as an ensemble, with no one person overriding the sound, and that’s what made them so heavy. It’s not how many notes you play, it’s how you lock together and Funkadelic were watertight!

Pink Floyd – ‘Celestial Voices’

Pink Floyd have influenced us in so many ways over the years, and with our latest album ‘Fantasy Reigns’ it was especially the music from their earlier psychedelic era that bought inspiration..  Listening to Celestial Voices lead to a solo organ piece that was presented to the band, the end result is far removed but eventually became Petrol Skin.

Celestial Voices can be heard on Ummagumma, A Saucer Full Of Secrets, and this version from ‘Live in Pompeii’.  a truly haunting performance.

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