Pattern Seeking Animals // Prehensile Tales // Album Review 
Pattern Seeking Animals // Prehensile Tales // Album Review 9
Pattern Seeking Animals // Prehensile Tales // Album Review 9
Pattern Seeking Animals // Prehensile Tales // Album Review 9
Pattern Seeking Animals // Prehensile Tales // Album Review 9
Pattern Seeking Animals // Prehensile Tales // Album Review 9
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Pattern Seeking Animals return with their sophomore album Prehensile Tales following the highly regarded debut which announced their arrival with great aplomb. Prog-Rock is two words that can strike the fear of God into many a music lover, the fear of the unknown, and the freedom of expression as to just how much Prog will be infused with the Rock can be a fine balancing act. 

The albums opening track for example ‘Raining Hard In Heaven’ is only a mere eight minutes, thirty-one seconds long, embarrassingly short by Prog standards! I jest of course, but it does shine a light as to what to expect from this six-track monster. For the first two minutes fifty seconds you are lured into a false sense of security as to what exactly you are listening too. A retro-sounding 80’s homage with a tasty melodic feel that’s so easy on the ear you would forgive yourself for adorning Björn Borg’s tennis shorts and shaking your booty in approval. It then goes Prog, and very Prog indeed and takes multiple twists and turns before wrapping up an easy on the ear track that kicks off the album beautiful. ‘Here In My Autumn’ at just under eight minutes again opens with that retro feel, Pop-Synth fills the air and envelopes you once again with an addictive melody that rattles around your head. A more up-tempo number to grab your attention and drive home the energy and technical quality within these tracks. 

At a shocking four minutes, thirty seconds (Yes I had to have a double-take) ‘Elegant Vampires’ opens with a middle eastern feel and alternative vibe, teasing you with its quirky sounding soundtrack that has that “Do I love it or hate it ?” on initial playthrough but then somehow finds itself as one of your favs’s on the album feel. ‘Why Don’t We Run’ at five minutes nine seconds has an other worldly feel with Flamenco guitars laying down the foundation for the rhythm, horns too to keep the Mexican bandito’s out there happy too. ‘Lifeboat’ is where shizzle gets real here, a whopping seventeen minutes twenty seconds of Prog-tastic magic. A rollercoaster ride for sure with cinematic quality and theatrical drama throughout, as a listener you are pushed and pulled through a traumatic and challenging musical landscape painted by the band as they let their creativity flow in copious amounts. As the penultimate track on the album, you are left breathless and mesmerized by the free-flowing and ethereal creation that is in front of you. As we come to a close and the final track ‘Soon But Not Today’ the songs opening notes, harmonics on the guitar are followed by the haunting sound of a violin accompanied by the piano before the vocals come in to fill the air with the emotive melody before the crescendo hits you like a blow to the head, at one twelve minutes you are not getting away anytime soon. Once again Pattern Seeking Animals flex their musical muscles and take you on one final ride before packing you off and thanking you for your visit. A flamboyant recording well worth your hard-earned money. 

Prehensile Tales is a mighty fine album, one for the independent thinker and for anyone who wants a change from the cookie-cutter crap that is currently flooding our airwaves. If you dig first-class musicianship, off the wall time-changes and fusion and a non-genre defining sound then get your hands on a copy asap. 


Review: Mark


Prehensile Tales is out May 15th via Inside-Out Music. 

1. Raining Hard In Heaven

2. Here In My Autumn

3. Elegant Vampires

4. Why Don’t We Run

5. Lifeboat

6. Soon But Not Today


The album, featuring cover art by Polish artist Mirek (, will be released as Gatefold 2LP plus CD, Limited Edition CD, and on all digital platforms. Presales are now available!

To pre-order, stream, download “Prehensile Tales”, just click




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