Passion // Passion // Album Review
Passion // Passion // Album Review 10
Passion // Passion // Album Review 10
Passion // Passion // Album Review 10
Passion // Passion // Album Review 10
Passion // Passion // Album Review 10
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If you’re a fan of old school hard rock such as ​AC/DC, Van Halen ​, and ​Danger Danger, ​then the latest Frontiers release may just be the thing you are looking for. ​Passion ​is the brainchild of former ​Night By Night​ vocalist, ​Daniel Rossall a.k.a Lion Ravarez. ​Inspired by the hard rock giants of the ’80s and ’90s, Ravarez sent his demos to Frontiers who eagerly snapped them up. Although the actual recording was performed and produced by Ravarez mostly alone, there is, in fact, a full band ready to rise up.

The album itself is full of hard-hitting tracks that pull you in and bring a sense of excitement. The first track “Intensity” does what it says and comes in full force with melodic vocals set against a rhythm which is certainly more furious. “Too Bad for Baby” and “Built To Please” meanwhile have a very nostalgic sound with lyrics to match that puts you back into the height of the 80s and 90s sleaze sound. If you weren’t aware that Passion was a new band, it would be easy to mistake then for one of those hard rock giants that Ravarez was very clearly inspired by. In fact, when I heard the single “Back” for the first time, I thought this was a band I must have missed! But the highlight of the album is “She Bites Hard” which puts all the elements of a band of that era into one naughty, high noted and rocking track.

The whole album is cleanly recorded and pushes forward with hard-hitting riffs and dirty guitars. Ravarez pushes himself with the vocals between the melodic and the high notes that are familiar sounding to those seen by ​Brian Johnson​. There is not a bad track on the album and it easily finds itself on repeat. If this is what the start of 2020 is bringing, then it can only get bigger and better, with Passion being one to watch.




1. Intensity

  1. Trespass On Love
  2. Too Bad For Baby
  3. Lost In The Dark
  4. Back
  5. Victims Of Desire
  6. We Do What We Want
  7. Built To Please
  8. She Bites Hard
  9. Big Game

Lion Ravarez – Vocals Chance Vanderlain – Guitar Weston James – Bass Bobby Laker – Drums

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