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Hit Single ‘Girl In Mine’ is Top 5 at U.S. Country Radio and Climbing

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NASHVILLE, TN. / LONDON, U.K. – (Sept. 22, 2023) – With three previous #1 singles, Parmalee‘s ‘Girl In Mine’ is a Top 5-and-rising country radio hit, and the group’s new album For You 2 is out today.

In addition to ‘Girl In Mine’, the album is already home to two #1 country hits, including the double-platinum ‘Just The Way’, featuring Blanco Brown, and the platinum-certified ‘Take My Name’, which is Billboard’s Most Played Country Song of 2022.

For You 2 
– the deluxe version of the group’s For You – is Parmalee’s first new album in two years. Stream/download For You 2 here.

In addition to ‘Make You Mine’, the 18-song collection boasts four new tracks: ‘Gonna Love You’ (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Abram Dean, Andy Sheridan), ‘Is It Just Me’ – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson), ‘Boyfriend’ (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps) and ‘Wish You Never Loved Me’ (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Andy Sheridan).

“In those two years between the original and the deluxe, we kept writing songs,” says lead singer Matt Thomas. “The good thing about this time in-between is that you can dig in and keep beating what you have. There was a progression.”

Matt co-wrote 17 of the 18 songs on For You 2 and says the new additions were thoughtfully chosen and among his favorite songs he’s had a hand in co-writing. “We just wanted to bring new stories, fresh sounds and a new perspective into For You 2, Parmalee is anxious to share the new songs and hear what fans think of the music.

“We want to have different songs to complete For You 2, that still fit the whole vibe,” Matt says. “I felt like we picked the four best for this total record.”

Parmalee’s For You 2 is out now, with the YouTube video premiere of ‘Gonna Love You’ at 5pm CT / 11pm BST that will include a live YouTube Afterparty immediately following for premium users. Watch the premiere HERE and join the Afterparty HERE.

For You 2 – Track listing:
1.“For You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson)
2. “Just the Way” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe)
3. “Backroad Girl” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, Blake Bollinger, Brinley Addington)
4. “Take My Name” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning, Ben Johnson)
5. “I Do” – (Tyler Hubbard, Matt Thomas, Corey Crowder, David Fanning)
6. “Miss You” – (Michael Tyler, Matthew McGinn, David Fanning)
7. “Greatest Hits (feat. Fitz)” – (Matt Thomas, Kevin Bard, Nolan Sipe, Andrew Goldstein, Michael Fitzpatrick)
8. “Better With You” – (Matt Thomas, Ashley Gorely, David Fanning)
9. “Forget You – (feat. Avery Anna)” (Matt Thomas, Shane Minor, David Fanning, Thomas Archer)
10. “Alone Like That” – (Matt Thomas, Tommy Cecil, David Fanning, James McNair)
11. “I See You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Justin Wilson, Steven McMorran)
12. “I’ll Take The Chevy” – (Matt Thomas, Josh McSwain, Barry Knox, Zachary Kale, James McNair, Josh Mirenda)
13. “For You”– (Matt Thomas, Barry Knox, Josh McSwain, Scott Thomas, David Fanning)
*14. “Girl In Mine” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Casey Brown)
*15. “Gonna Love You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Abram Dean, Andy Sheridan)
*16. “Is It Just Me” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson)
*17. “Boyfriend” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Ben Johnson, Michael Hardy, Hunter Phelps)
*18. “Wish I Never Loved You” – (Matt Thomas, David Fanning, Ashley Gorley, Andy Sheridan)
*Denotes new tracks
All Songs Produced by David Fanning except:
Track 7: Produced by David Fanning, Andrew Goldstein, Kevin Bard
Track 17: Produced by David Fanning and Ben Johnson

Parmalee is one of Country music’s most successful acts with three #1 singles, multiple platinum records, and more than 1 Billion on-demand streams. Comprised of brothers Matt and Scott Thomas (lead vocals/guitar and drums, respectively), cousin Barry Knox (bass), and life-long friend Josh McSwain, the North Carolina natives first topped the charts with ‘Carolina’, followed by their PLATINUM-certified No. 1 single with Blanco Brown, ‘Just the Way’. They followed with ‘Take My Name’, which was Billboard’s Most Played Country Song of 2022. On September 22, the band released For You 2 that includes their latest Top 5 and climbing single ‘Girl In Mine’.
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