Papi Shiitake Debut EP, Quarantine Dream, Out Now!

Papi Shiitake Debut EP, Quarantine Dream, Out Now!

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WATCH: “Quarantine Dream” (Official Video)

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Today, Papi Shiitake have released their debut EP, Quarantine Dream, in partnership with Trash Casual. Quarantine Dream is a diverse collection of songs that find inspiration in the stark honesty of The Velvet Underground and sun-drenched harmonies of The Beach Boys. Greater than the sum of its parts, Papi Shiitake’s Tuxx and Sieloff blended their influences seamlessly to create something that simultaneously feels ‘of the moment’ and cloaked in vintage warmth and nostalgia. Each song on the EP is its own capsule in time and consists only of takes from the day it was written. You can check out the Quarantine Dream EP now wherever you stream music.

In celebration of the release, Papi Shiitake has also debuted the dreamy new animated video for the EP’s summery and mellow anthem of a title track. On “Quarantine Dream”, Young Tuxx delivers a vocal melody that feels equal parts Elvis Costello and Mac Demarco. The earworm hook is built over warm, reverb-soaked guitars and breezy vocal harmonies that fit perfectly into the swing of the drum beat. The video features Tuxx having an out of body experience as he wanders around a lonely New York City; offering an allusion to the mental challenges we are all facing in quarantine and perfectly encapsulating the mission statement of the whole EP. You can watch it now on YouTube.

Quarantine Dream EP
Trash Casual Records | Oct 16th, 2020

Sleep Walk
Enjoy The View
Quarantine Dream

About Papi Shiitake

Papi Shiitake sounds like morning in bed on the beach. Cold on a summer afternoon, singer Young Tuxx creates stories of optimistic isolation on top of co-writer Ryan Sieloff’s 60’s inspired dreamscapes. Longtime friends on opposite coasts – New York City and San Diego – the duo has come together to release the debut EP Quarantine Dream on Trash Casual Records later this fall.

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