PALACE OF THE KING release their single & video for  ‘Move Through The Fire’, out now on Golden Robot Records.
Supporting KISS on 26th November at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney

Check out the video for ‘Move Through The Fire‘ here:

Many doomsayers have been writing rock’s obituary. But they obviously forgot to tell Melbourne band Palace Of The King. During the past few years, Palace Of The King have played hundreds of gigs all around the world and released two EPs and three acclaimed albums, with a fourth on the way.

The editor of The Age’s entertainment section, Martin Boulton, applauded the band’s blistering debut, White Bird/Burn The Sky. In a four-star rave, he wrote, “Just a little over two years into life as a band, Palace Of The King have played a staggering 200-plus shows. All that time on stage and hanging out together has honed a mighty sound hellbent on rattling the rafters, shaking speakers and, quite frankly, emulating their many obvious influences.”
Yep, Palace Of The King give a nod and a wink to the classics. As they declared in the closing cut on their debut album, “Don’t go changin’ things if it ain’t broke.” But they’ve also forged their own potent sound, with thundering riffs, mighty grooves and glass-shattering vocals.

How the Palace Of The King was built is a tale worth re-telling. At the end of 2012, the band approached Tim Henwood after seeing him sing with former Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick. The guys needed a singer; Tim had no intention of joining another band but offered to help them find a frontman. Then Tim played the instrumental versions of the songs that ended up on the first EP. “When I heard the tunes, I thought, ‘I’m not gonna help anyone else get this gig!’”
Tim added his vocals, and returned the songs with a two-word message: “I’m in.”

The Palace Of The King live show was instantly embraced by rock fans. The Australian Musician Network covered one of the band’s early gigs. “These songs don’t really fit into a single genre,” the reviewer stated. “Except maybe ‘kick arse’!” And Melbourne’s Beat magazine said simply, “Palace Of The King set a new standard in Aussie hard rock.”

Palace Of The King dig the raves, but this is one band that’s more than happy to let the music do all the talking. Their message is loud and proud. They believe in the power of rock.
After touring Australia with Rose Tattoo in 2018, Palace Of The King are reuniting with the rock ’n’ roll outlaws and returning to Europe in March 2020 for a monstrous run of dates.
Palace Of The King’s fourth album will coincide with the tour. As Joel O’Keeffe, Airbourne’s lead singer and guitarist, declared: “They are the real f*ckin’ deal and I can’t wait to see them setting fire to Europe soon!” Joel loves Palace Of The King so much, he poached the band’s guitarist, Matthew “Harri” Harrison – the ultimate compliment. After more than 700 gigs, including three headlining tours to Europe, Palace Of The King are road-hardened and ready to rock. Anywhere, anytime.

Tim Henwood – vocals, guitar
Sean Johnston – keys, guitar
Anthony Licciardi – bass
Cameron McGlinchey – drums

Palace Of The King EP (May 2013)
Free/ The Devil Made Me Do It/ I Swear On My Life/ The Low Road/ You Got The Poison
Palace Of The King II: Moon & Mountain EP (November 2013)
Black Heart/ Bring It On/ Deal With The Devil/ The Bitter End/ Howlin’
White Bird/ Burn The Sky (June 2015)
Take Your Medicine/ No Chance In Hell/ Another Thing Coming/ Burn My Bridges/ White Bird (Bring Your Armies Against Me)/ Ain’t Got Nobody To Blame But Myself/ Leave Me Behind/ Devil’s Daughter/ Get Back Up (Burn The Sky)/ If It Ain’t Broke
Valles Marineris (July 2016)
Let The Blood Run Free/ Beyond The Valley/ Black Cloud/ The Bridge Of The Gods/ We Are The Vampires/ Empire Of The Sun/ Sick As A Dog/ River Of Fire/ Throw Me To The Wolves/ Into The Black
Get Right With Your Maker (March 2018)
I Am The Storm/ It’s Been A Long Time Coming/ Sold Me Down The River/ A Dog With A Bone/ Said The Spider To The Bird/ Move Through The Fire/ The Serpent/ Horizon/ Fly Like An Evil/ Back On My Feet Again

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