“Whether it is the hypnotism we encounter in ‘Blue Butterfly’ or the Eastern Qawwali we are intrigued by in ‘So Long, Goodbye,’ something about Zee’s artistic approach is so compelling and inimitable.”
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(New York, NY) March 6th, 2020: Producer and songwriter, Danny Zee, is forging his new artist path by announcing his upcoming debut album, Blue Butterfly, out now on all streaming platforms. Danny Zee is combining his Pakistani with his love of western genres of R&B and Hip-Hop to create a sound uniquely his own. 

Comprised of 8 original tracks, written over a 6-month period, the entirety of the album was written, composed, and produced by Danny in complete isolation and lock-down. The journey of the record was to document his progression from the dark to the light. Each track documents a moment on this path that has led Danny Zee to reach his full artistic expressions, such as heartbreak, abandonment, solitude, and acceptance.

The first single released off the record was “Blue Butterfly” which introduces Danny Zee as a vulnerable lyricist and hypnotic composer. Inspired by artists such as Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean, and John Mayer, Danny follows the flow of Neo-Soul music, with a slow tempo beat and dreamy vocals that overlay the instrumental. The music video for “Blue Butterfly” was directed by Ash Gupta of 838 Media Group and feature choreographed movement by LA-based Aathira Rajeev (Just Dance, The Mandy Carmichael Show).

Kicking off 2020, Danny Zee released the second single off the album titled “So Long, Goodbye” which captures the essence of modern contemporary R&B and Hip-Hop infused with a surprising addition of a traditional Eastern Qawwali, composed and written by Hassan Badshah. For the music video, Danny worked alongside director Ashar Azmat of 838 Media Group.

Today, Danny Zee is looking to move forward as an artist as he pursues music that feels more authentic to him and brings his culture forward. With his debut album Blue Butterfly, out now, Danny introduces himself to the US audiences as a vulnerable songwriter and new R&B artist. Be sure to check out Danny Zee on social media to get exclusive music updates.

Listen to the Album Here
Blue Butterfly

1. Blue Butterfly
2. Faces in the Rain
3. Take It Slow
4. So Long, Goodbye
5. It’s 6 AM (feat. MRKLE)
6. Rumble Tumble (feat. Anna Salman)
7. Your Love Is An Addiction (feat. Maria Unera)
8. Angels

Check out his latest music video for “So Long, Goodbye”:
More About Danny Zee
Beginning his career in his native Pakistan, Danny Zee ventured into music with his performance of “Muntazir” at the famed Coke Studio, which has now amassed over 15 million views on YouTube. He was inspired by the performance to focus on music, and most importantly, show who he is as an artist.
It wasn’t until August 3rd, 2019, after spending two years locked away in the studio, that Danny Zee, then going by his birth name Danyal Zafar, released his first original single “Ek Aur Ek 3”. The song blew up and reached 5 million views on YouTube in two weeks. Danny Zee amassed a loyal following and received recognition across Pakistan and India.
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