Our debut song is about more than just her. It’s about uncertainty, the inability to trust, and simply letting things happen. It’s the anxiety of making a decision with consequences, and not being able to know if it was the right one until the damage has already been done.
Check out “She” via YouTube and V13’s exclusive premiere!


We recorded with award-winning producer Julius “Juice” Butty. The process was really special, in that it was the first song to ever be recorded at his new studio.
She” is the story of a man getting to know someone, but just as he starts to fall for her, another woman he’s always longed for starts to pursue him. It feels surreal, almost as if he is being set up. It’s about the struggle of determining if you’re being selfish or putting yourself first.

The music takes you on a journey of the mind, swinging in and out of confusion, jumping from thought to thought. You hear the choppiness of his heartbeat as he feels himself losing control, then slowing down in a moment of clarity.

Haydn Frank Sterne
We can’t wait to share more of what’s in store. Join us for the ride, it’s about to get misty.
Pacific Estate
Cam, Grady, Evan, Nick

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