Overkill - The Wings Of War - Album Review
Overkill - The Wings Of War - Album Review10
Overkill - The Wings Of War - Album Review10
Overkill - The Wings Of War - Album Review10
Overkill - The Wings Of War - Album Review10
Overkill - The Wings Of War - Album Review10
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HOLY SHIT it’s only February and it looks like we have a contender for album of the year already.

Over thirty years, their 19th album in the can and it is an instant THRASHSTERPIECE, everything you would expect and then some. Ten blisteringly fast and hard as hell tracks that put this as one of their best offerings to date. With drummer Jason Bittner, ex Shadows Falls, AMAZING, firmly in the seat he gives the punchy hard hitting tempo that is felt throughout the album with Bobby’s inimitable vocals screaming and screeching and some serious riffs and solos from Dave Linsk and Derek Tailer with DD Verni giving it monster on the bass.

If you like thrash there is no better band to start with, pioneers of the genre and still going as strong as ever. “Last Man Standing” comes out of the traps like a bat out of hell and it only gets better and better. This is an album that had it been released in the hayday of thrash it would have been an absolute game changer but it is even more so now with its sheer power and speed, as Bobby lets everyone know on “Believe In The Fight” they are “Never gonna beat to a different drum” and why should they when they bring out a ripper like this. The hits keep coming thick and fast with the likes of “Head Of A Pin” and maybe track of the album “Bat Shit Crazy”, not just because of the name but because it has such an infectious rhythm to it with a killer solo thrown in mid way through. “Distortion” grinds on you and brings things down a little but not much.

“Welcome To The Garden State” is another classic and a tip of the hat to their home state with a real punk/hardcore feel to it, a back to their roots if you like. “Where Few Dare To Walk” is a mellower tune with a sinister feel to it that sounds like a mash up of “Hanger 18”,“Five Magics” and “Dawn Patrol” by Megadeth and it is awesome. “Hole In My Soul” finishes off what is an absolutely classic album in much the same way as it started, a million miles an hour pulsating savage beast.

The Wings Of War is out February 22nd  and it is an absolute must for any discerning Thrash Metal fan, a real contender for album of the year.



Overkill are

Bobby Ellsworth                           Vocals

  1. D. Verni                   Bass, backing vocals

Dave Linsk                                    Lead guitar, backing vocals

Derek Tailer                                    Rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Jason Bittner                           Drums





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