Ov Sulfur // The Burden Ov Faith // Album Review


Please take this as an early warning, when you press play on this album you are opening yourself up to a brutal beating. This hits hard!

The debut album by Ov Sulfur comes two years after the debut EP Oblivion and makes its intentions clear from the start. This is going to scorch the earth and change the scene forever. When I mention the scene, for some unknown reason there are some ‘elitists’ that won’t give this a chance, simply because I mention Deathcore. Well, fuck them and their narrow minds, it’s their loss as this is simply blistering.

Using the experience of growing up in a Christian household and then recognising things within the organisation that he wasn’t happy with; vocalist Ricky Hoover began to put together blasphemous and heavy-as-they-come tracks that took Deathcore and cracked its skull with that of typically Black Metal subjects in an effort to begin taking down the church.

Having made such a bold statement of intent, you can’t follow it up with some half-arsed sack of shit, so when you press play you will be relieved and those of a nervous disposition will be shocked to hear the brutality and brilliance that is created.

Opening with ‘Stained In Rot’ you are immediately bludgeoned by a crippling slab of down-tuned guitars, erupting guitars and a cutting vocal, the combination of shakes your bone marrow and then the breakdown lands and just wow.

There are the odd softer sections of the album one of which, Wide Open’ includes a guest vocalist that is listed shortly, but the emotion you hear in their voice goes perfectly with the gut-wrenching music and vocal provided by the band.

You’d best get used to this kind of reaction as that’s exactly what you keep getting hit with. A truck load of heavy matched with breakdowns that make you fearful for your safety and that of anyone or anything with arms or legs reach as you are likely to experience involuntarily punching and kicking actions.

Featuring an impressive list of guest appearances including Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible, Taylor Barber (Left To Suffer) and Kyle Medina (Bodysnatcher) along with one that caught me off guard slightly as I heard it, that of Howard Jones (Light The Torch, ex-Killswitch Engage) I was sat listening and thought, that sounds like Howard! There are also guest spots for Lindsay Schoolcraft (ex Cradle of Filth)

This shows just how happy big names in the business are to be associated with Ov Sulfur and what a quality band they and they are about to blow up big time. The Burden Ov Faith has everything and more that you could want from a heavy album. Forget the genre tags, who cares? The only tags this needs is Quality and Dangerous. This album is going to take some beating this year and you are going to take a beating by pressing play.

The Burden Ov Faith will be released Friday 24th March via Century Media.

Ed Ford




  1. Stained In Rot
    2. Befouler (Ft. Alex Terrible)
    3. Unraveling (Ft. Taylor Barber)
    4. Death Ov Circumstance
    5. Earthen
    6. A Path to Salvation
    7. I Apostate
    8. Wide Open (Ft. Howard Jones)
    9. The Inglorious Archetype
    10. The Burden Ov Faith (Ft. Kyle Medina & Lindsay Schoolcraft)