Outright Resistance - Cargo Cult - Album Review
Outright Resistance - Cargo Cult - Album Review9
Outright Resistance - Cargo Cult - Album Review9
Outright Resistance - Cargo Cult - Album Review9
Outright Resistance - Cargo Cult - Album Review9
Outright Resistance - Cargo Cult - Album Review9
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Formed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in 2011 and following the two EP releases, Outright Resistance are taking advantage of the huge momentum they have generated over the last few years, following playing Bloodstock Festival, headlining Beermageddon 2017, supporting Arch Enemy on the Russian stint and 2 UK headline tours and having new front man James Jest to blast the band to the next level, using Cargo Cult as the platform.

The album begins with the already released, ‘Gently’ which starts exactly that way before a Metalcore explosion takes case and suddenly all the sense are overwhelmed with an aggressive vocal, a punishing beat, heavy riffs and simple yet gripping bassline, which thrown together introduce any newcomers to the band in the best possible way. This track lets everyone know that this going to be a fun and violent ride, especially as the breakdown hits, which will have people swinging wherever they are listening.

This level of aggression and passion is hard to express successfully through the recording process, however with a rawness remaining, you certainly pick up on what emotions have gone into the making of the record.

The album continues on its relentlessly battering journey throughout the 11 tracks and the level of technicality show through as the sound is constantly changing, playing some horrendously chunky riffs, and the drumming ranges from a pure battering to blast beats with everything else in between.

The vocals are toward the more extreme end of aggressive, however not the point of gutturals or inaudible, being honest they match the music perfectly and would be classed as the cherry on top of everything else.

‘Fang & Bone’ is the other tracks that has already been released and focusses on the social media and the relationship people have with their interactions on certain platforms rather than real life. It is not only relevant subject matter, but also a cracking track that you will find yourself singing along and headbanging to.

‘Anger Dulls The Blade’ is a definite one for the fans of the heavier end of the musical spectrum – I really like. Vocals are heavier than some tracks, musically it sounds evil and the beat chops and changes whilst beating your ear drums constantly. Id love to hear this live and be in the middle of the pit.

If this is the future of Outright Resistance, then the future is extremely exciting and I want in on that ride. The pit-ability of the tracks is impressive, and this album raises the bar not just UK wide but worldwide.


Ed Ford

Cargo Cult is released 1st March 2019, self released.


Track List

  1. Gently
    2. Scripture
    3. Fang & Bone
    4. The Wretched One
    5. Lone Wolf
    6. Cargo Cult
    7. Parthenocarpy
    8. Anger Dulls The Blade
    9. Holocene Epoch
    10. Error Incarnate

Connect with Outright Resistance:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OutrightResistanceBand
Twitter: https://twitter.com/or_band
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outrightresistance/


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