OUT THIS FRIDAY: Jonas Wilson To Release Brand New Album ‘Science Fiction Post Blues’

Jonas Wilson To Release Brand New Album ‘Science Fiction Post Blues’

[10/13/20/Austin, TX]: Austin based singer/songwriter Jonas Wilson has announced the upcoming release of his brand new solo album ‘Science Fiction Post Blues’, which will be out on Friday, November 20th.

Jonas is a long established & highly regarded multi-instrumentalist, producer & band member, and with his new full length album sonically combines his blues roots with avant pop intricacy. With a running musical theme exploring his love of harmonica and slide guitar, the 8-track album writes it’s way through pure musical expression to showcase a homecoming of sorts, with a multifaceted & layered sound which shows a plethora of sonic knowledge and complexity.

“Wow! A pained John Lennon of now. GREAT sound. Powerful & magnetic, dark shadows clouding & crowding the skies. Take a bow Jonas Wilson. Now I’m going to listen again.” – BP Fallon
“Focusing on his love of piano and harmonica, though spun through his own droning lens. It’s like this slow moving train wreck before you, yet you find yourself captivated, staring as it erupts into a beautiful ball of fire… If you’re into chilled out dark pop, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for Science Fiction Post Blues. – Nathan Lankford “Austin Town Hall”
After a successful & vibrant music career so far (most recently including high critical acclaim across the press for his 2020 solo singles ‘Ruling The World’ & ‘Be Like The Water’) Jonas’s branch out to experimental, fresh & revitalizing solo work is much anticipated & a must-listen. His brilliant level of solo musicianship & ability to take you away plus open your creative mind is refreshing & welcome, and ‘Science Fiction Post Blues’ is definitely a musical journey you won’t want to miss!

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