OUT OF NOWHERE: Knotfest debuts “Blind Crow” video by Iranian djent/prog adjacent metalcore outlaws

Iranian metal band Out of Nowhere drops “Blind Crow” video [Watch]

Iranian djent/metalcore crew Out of Nowhere has dropped the video for their recently released single, “Blind Crow.” Knotfest debuted the video alongside an intriguing interview with the Mashad band (read full article AT THIS LOCATION).

The oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran made heavy music illegal inside the country, and metal bands often get arrested for their endeavor.  However, regardless of the risk of being imprisoned, Out of Nowhere has actively been releasing music and playing live shows across the country for more than a decade.

“We started 15 years ago in one of the most religious cities in Iran. Despite everyone saying you can’t make it, we didn’t give up on our dreams, so we made the pact that we will make them our goal to make sure we’ll all see a day that our message has been spread around the world. No matter what, no matter how many sticks and stones will get thrown at us,” Out of Nowhere sheds light on their struggle on Knotfest.

“We tried to describe the life cycle from the beginning till the end, painting all the pain and suffering most people carry through their lives — it can be depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness that we live with. We are ambitious enough to set this song as an example of how you can survive no matter how low you think you are right now. Just stay on your path and keep going,” informs the group on the subject of the track.

WATCH “Blind Crow”

Watch the Video

“Blind Crow” is currently available on all streaming/digital platforms; access it RIGHT HERE; MetalSucks premiered the track in February (full feature HERE).

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