OUT NOW: “Summer Lullabies” by alt-pop rocker D.K. LYONS

Alt-Pop Rock Artist


 New Single out now

“Summer Lullabies”

From new EP Vandalism coming this fall

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(New York, NY – July 16, 2021) Alt-pop rocker D.K. Lyons announces the release of his new anthemic single, “Summer Lullabies,” out now on all streaming platforms. The single is the first release from his new EP, Vandalism, due out this fall.


Lyons describes his newest “Summer Lullabies” single as “me trying to write a party song and still ending up including some subtle philosophy.” A follow up to his previous hit single “Danger,” Lyons flips the switch from tentative and uncertain about the future to confident and in love with the process of chasing a dream. Rather than focusing on the end goal, Lyons implores his listeners to fall in love with the process, focus on the next step in front of you, and always remember to draw confidence from those steps.

With his debut EP release garnering well over 20K streams on Spotify and 50K views on YouTube, Lyons keeps the momentum going into the summer with his timely new song, “Summer Lullabies,” out now! Look out for the release of Lyons’s new EP, Vandalism, to be announced soon.


More about D.K Lyons

D.K. told his mom when he was 5 years old that he was going to be a rock star and he’s been writing songs ever since. Beginning with simple song titles, he progressed to full lyric sheets in elementary school and received his first guitar at age 8. After failing at guitar lessons 3 separate times, he eventually taught himself power chords in order to progress his songwriting. D.K. began recording cassette demos around age 10 and has since recorded over 1,000 demos (“Although only the last 100 or so are any good” – D.K..)

D.K. spent his late teens and early 20s honing his playing skills at open mic nights, learning to play live, sing in his own voice, and how to entertain. He entered a proper studio for the first time in 2018 and recorded his debut EP, Blame My Astrology, which he released independently that same year before following it up in 2020 with his critically lauded debut LP, The Past (Romanticized).

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