Out now: Pamirt – Mausoleum on Vinyl

Pamirt – Mausoleum LP

Pamirt is a dark music trio from Baltics that brings together musicians Kristiana Karklina (voice, piano), Edvards Percevs (drums) and Edgars Gultnieks (guitar, bass) previously known for their work with black metal act eschatos. This collaboration started as a solo project of Kristiana, but soon after Edgars and Edvards joined to add guitar textures and rhythm. Most part of this album was composed while residing in Berlin in fall of 2018 where Kristiana goes often to work on music.

“It was a new experience for me to have control over all artistic decisions while making this record over a period of almost 2 years. My academic background is in art history so visual arts also play a great role in making this record. About a month before the world entered the state of global health crisis, we created album art for Mausoleum. We wanted to create a sense of grotesque, lonely celebration, inspired partly by Pushkin’s work “A Feast in Time of Plague” and personal experiences while working in the field of contemporary art. Needless to say that we could not even imagine how prophetic this work will be,” says Kristiana.

The album was nominated for The National Latvian music awards “Zelta mikrofons” as The Best Experimental record of 2020 .

For fans of: Lingua Ignota, Anna von Hausswolff, Chelsea Wolfe, Jarboe…

Pressing of 150 on iridescent colored vinyl
Heavy cardboard sleeve
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Only 30 copies left!

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Blackened | Noise | Harsh | Industrial

Pressing info
150 copies on black/white marbled vinyl
heavy cardboard sleeve
insert sheet
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Shipping end of May

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Bleak Dystopian Bass Heavy Electronics from Australia.

FFO: Gnaw Ther Tongues, Lustmord, Haxan Cloak, Triple 6 Mafia

Pressing of 150 copies on natural transparent vinyl / 100 cassettes

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