Major Parkinson explore human consciousness and bring in the New Year with dreamy new single ‘Jonah’.
(Produced by Gareth Jones, renowned for work with Depeche Mode, Erasure etc.) 


“Major Parkinson are the Coldplay – Cardiacs, with giant commercial songs bent into strange uncommercial shapes” – Prog Magazine

“Major Parkinson is undeniably of the most unique and refreshing acts in modern music. With a style that is beyond description, and a cinematic quality that makes even the most subtle song sound larger than life, Major Parkinson’s bizarre blend of styles is a beautiful and jarring assault on the senses.” – Proglodytes

 “With its zany colorfulness, expansive palette, and expertly interwoven tonal clashes—is what justly elevates Blackbox as a work of genius.” – Pop Matters (USA) 


Somewhere in between pop and psychosis, somber poetry and dark rock, there is Major Parkinson. A fearless and distinctly different band, with a fresh, unconventional approach to the art of writing music.

Bergen based 7 piece experimental pop rock outfit Major Parkinson have released a brand new single called ‘Jonah’.

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Major Parkinson’s frontman Jon says this about the inspiration behind the track, that seemingly came from a mixture of childhood memories and a dream he once had…

“Jonah is based on a dream I once had where I slept in a womb of an animal, clutching an umbilical chord. This is the premise of the song. The comfort, the quiet aspect of contemplation, the pure notion of being in total equilibrium of things… I was somehow thrown into this strange force of nature, so intangible, a safety haven.”

Jon continues to speak about his childhood and how that plays a part in the track

“I have this vivid memory of a friend of mine, who I used to play with as a child. I call him Jonah in this song. Like most children, we were spending a lot of time out in the woods where we dressed up like animals, played cowboy & indians (the 80s were an easier time). Jonah was the leader of the pack in this particular framework, but on all other levels he was an outcast, a total loner. But in this world, he was the king.

Looking back, I still wonder what happened to him as I never had the chance to meet him again. So part of the song is that I play with the idea of meeting him inside a dream as an adult. Not a conventional approach to songwriting I know, but anyway.”

Major Parkinson will perform at the Vulkan Arena in Oslo on January 11th 2020.

Facebook event for Major Parkinson at Vulkan Arena HERE
Vulkan Arena show Tickets HERE

‘Jonah’ is a track that can best be described as an interlude between the band’s well received album ‘Blackbox’ and their forthcoming album that is currently being written and recorded.

In order to bring this track to life, ‘Jonah’ was placed in the hands of well known mixing engineer Gareth Jones who is best known for his work with Depeche Mode, Erasure, Mogwai, New Order and more. Adding the finishing touches to this fusion of dark synth-pop meets experimental rock, is Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, who is known for his mastering on works from Tame Impala, Arcade Fire and more. ‘Jonah’ also features the Los Alamitos Show Choir from LA.

Jonah is out now.

Lars (synths) says this about the track and the forthcoming show:

 “The launch of Jonah marks the end of a long, arduous process to set the stage for our next album, and we’re thrilled to finally release this thing into the world. After an album as expansive as Blackbox, we needed to take a step back and reflect on where to go next: Keep diving as deep as possible into various rabbit holes, or look at alternative ways of doing things? Maybe Jonah is the middle ground, a palate cleanser, to prepare fans for what’s to come on the new album. It’s huge and dreamy and maybe it’ll surprise a few people, but it’s felt like a natural progression into this. And there’ll be plenty of other surprises along the way to the next album so stay tuned.

The poetic thing about this song, is that we were supposed to release it exactly one year ago at the ‘twin’ show we performed at the Vulkan Arena last year. Consider this a rewind, stop, replay, but with an actual song release this time! So come along and sing with us.”

Facebook event for Major Parkinson at Vulkan Arena HERE
Vulkan Arena show Tickets HERE

Stay tuned for more on Major Parkinson!

Major Parkinson is:

Jon Ivar Kollbotn – Vocals

Eivind Gammersvik – Bass

Lars C Bjørknes – Synth

Sondre Veland – Drums

Sondre Skollevoll – Guitar/Backing Vocals

Øystein Bech-Eriksen – Guitar

Claudia Cox – Violin/Vocals

Social Media Links:

Facebook –

Twitter – @MajorParkinson

Instagram – @MajorParkinson

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